The Newest Ways To Wear A French Manicure… You Will LOVE!

The Newest Ways To Wear A French Manicure… You Will LOVE!

From all the stunning nail art designs out there, we think the French manicure is by far the most aesthetic and prettiest of them all. Ladies, do you know what will make them look even more trendy? Quirking them up, of course! Listed below are 11 of the coolest French manicure designs we’re currently crushing on. So, the next time you fix a date with your manicurist, you should seek inspiration from these magnificent designs first. (Happy nails all the way, we say!)

1. Ombre For The Win

Girls, you can never go wrong with ombre nails. This french manicure ombre is a design that will not only make you the talk of the town, but will also inspire many of your friends to try it out too! Don’t you feel like admiring your nails all day long?   

2. Gold Baby, Gold!

Instead of the plain white strip of nail polish, opt for this golden glittery one instead! Making your hands look glamourous and stylish. After all, you’re a Queen who is born to sparkle!

3. Flower Power


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If you’re a fan of the floral print, this french manicure design is perfect for you! It’s feminine, and looks gorgeous. For a girl who has an eye for detail and style, this manicure will make her look absolutely fabulous.  

4. The Pink Fiesta


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When solid colours and shimmer cross paths, they’re bound to make a fantastic combination! This one for example will give you nail goals! It looks so pretty, girly and cute. If you’re looking to impress your crush, this lovely manicure design is bound to draw his attention.   

5. Add A Pop Of Colour


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As compared to most french manicure designs, this one is quite unique. The blue strip adds that sophisticated touch to your hands and makes your nails look so dreamy. Other than blue, feel free to experiment with other shades too.

6. When Jet Black Meets Baby Pink


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Why choose white when you can pick black? It gives your nails a whole new look and adds that hint of sophistication. Trying this design out will be the best nailart decision you’ve made ALL week.

7. Sugar Coated Heaven

When it comes to nailing this look, it’s all about going minimal. This pretty sugar frosted design looks gorgeous and is perfect to wear to a brunch with your favourite girl gang!

8. Colour Blocking Like A Pro!

A french manicure with a twist is a trend we’re going gaga about! The design instantly sets you apart from the rest and adds that oomph effect to just about any outfit.

9. Neon Fever


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When in doubt, pick neon! It’s quirky, bold and energetic. One glance is all it takes to make you fall in love with its vibrant vibe. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start the party with these bad boys!

10. Glossy Diva

A lot of women prefer the basic french manicure. However, do you know what would make it look even more desirable? A glossy, milky finish! Just after you get your nails done, apply a coat of transparent nail polish over the manicure and you’re good to go!

11. Mint Green Lovin’

Nope, we’re not hinting at blue, red or pink, we want you to try mint! After all, the colour and design are both out of this world. Trust us, this funky manicure is going to turn heads and will make you the center of attention wherever you go.