#MyStory: His Harry Potter Glasses Made Me Fall For Him But…

#MyStory: His Harry Potter Glasses Made Me Fall For Him But…

I think it was his Harry Potter glass frames. You are allowed to be a tad bit shallow on a dating website, right? I swiped right on him with the assumption that he would only want to fool around. But as luck would have it, this guy turned out to be funny too and great at making conversation. He was sleazy to a point but not cheap, he was a bit lame, but the kinds who would have you in splits within seconds. I told him that he had the potential to be my close friend.

‘I’ll change your perception about me,” he said.  

‘Whatever,’ I replied.

He continued to flirt with me over text and I thought I had never met such a happy soul in my life. Once he even blurted out of nowhere that he’d never been this happy in his life. That’s when I realised that he had other shades to his personality as well.

We used to talk off and on but one day he sounded really upset so I called him on Facebook and we ended up speaking for over 3 hours. Soon enough, we were telling each other about our deepest, darkest secrets as if we had known each other for life.

Internal swiped right

To me, he was an enlightened soul. From leaving his job in the army to following his passion for cooking he had so many stories to tell and experiences to share.

He kept telling me, “Trust yourself. Love yourself and do things that make you happy.” He taught me to embrace my imperfections and stop being conscious around people.

He made me realise that it is okay to be alone at times, that I can be by myself and still be happy. We both shared a deep love for food and comedy and his mere presence made me feel independent and focus only on the positive aspects of my life.

Like all good things, our special friendship too came to an end. It happened gradually over time and we just lost touch with each other. His frames changed from the round Harry Potter ones to rimless - perhaps as a metaphor for our relationship. I miss him even now but I am still very grateful that he happened in my life.

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