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BlackBerry Is Bringing Back Keypads & We're SO Excited!

BlackBerry Is Bringing Back Keypads & We're SO Excited!

Remember the days when WhatsApp was yet to enter your life and you would spend hours BBMing your squad? Instead of obsessing about the new picture your ex posted, it was about checking his ‘Status Update’. In a world of touchscreen smartphones, our favourite Canadian company has made a bold move. BlackBerry is back with the all new KEYone and with it, a physical QWERTY keyboard! Don’t miss the pleasure of being able to punch in the numbers on your phone?

1 blackberry keyone - man texting

The Android phone comes with a 8MP selfie camera and a 12MP rear camera. They’re provide 32GB memory, but that’s expandable upto 2TB. Other than the keypad, it also features a 4.5-inch touch display.

It launched last week in India and here's where you can buy the newbie at an off of 3,000 bucks as an initial offer! Phones may come, and phones may go, but a BlackBerry stays forever! You don’t want to miss it!

2 blackberry keyone - love for phone

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Published on Aug 9, 2017
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