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‘Be Ready In 10’ Is Now Achievable With These 7 Easy Pro Tips!

‘Be Ready In 10’ Is Now Achievable With These 7 Easy Pro Tips!

‘Be ready in 10’ is a term we all use very often, in the hope that we’ll actually get ready in flat 10 minutes. But how many of us actually win that race to doll up? All the lazy girls out there, here are 7 pro tips to help you get ready faster. Not only will you look amazing, you will also be able to manage that under all of 10 minutes! Read on and give it a shot, ladies.

1. Front hair wash only (no conditioner needed)

Yes, we know, washing your hair when you’re pressed for time is quite a monumental and time-consuming task. Here’s a quick way to get fab, clean looking hair in a jiffy and no, we are not talking about our trusty dry shampoo. Separate the section of your hair that is all along your hairline. Tie up the rest of your hair and shampoo just the loose strands,without conditioner..

2. Mix up moisturizer with SPF

2 get ready faster

Instead of layering your face with moisturizer first and then sunscreen, followed by your makeup, mix your sunscreen with a moisturizer and apply it all in one go. This solves your purpose in a jiffy.

3. Just a BB cream is enough

Foundation, concealer and loose powder - now that’s one cumbersome routine, right? Never underestimate what a good BB cream can do, ladies. Just take a dime sized dollop and blend it onto your face and neck area. This will give you an even tone and make you skin appear blemish free too.

4. Brighten up those lips

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Lipstick can really make your look go from drab to fab! Brightening those lips takes just a few seconds and that makes you look absolutely ready to head out. To save some more time, use your lip colour as a cheek tint too. Dab your lippie right below your cheekbones and blend that well to give your cheeks a flushed look.

5. No wet liners. Pencils only

Steer clear of liquid makeup products when you want to get ready quickly. It takes time to dry, and cleaning them in case they bleed is yet another headache. Use a kajal pencil that can also be used as a liner. Using products that have a dual purpose can save you so much time!

6. The right way for a quick blowdry

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Whether you wash all your hair or just the front part, here’s how to do a quick and efficient blowdry. Bend over and let your hair fall freely, brush your hair with a big paddle brush with one hand as you run the dryer in the same direction with the other hand. Instead of going section by section, do it this way as it will dry your hair properly and give you oodles of volume!

7. ‘Getting ready’ songs also help

Remember Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham who got ready for college as she danced to some peppy music? Well, as unbelievable as this sounds, but upbeat music can really amp up your speed at getting ready, swiping on that lipstick quickly and drying your hair with ease. Also, if you have a time bound routine, just make a playlist of roughly that time frame, so you know that at the end of those songs you NEED to be dressed! Try it, ladies, and you’ll get what we mean.

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Published on Aug 6, 2017
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