13 Things Boyfriends Do That Are Both Annoying And Cute!

13 Things Boyfriends Do That Are Both Annoying And Cute!

Ladies, if you have a boyfriend (or had one) then you would understand when we say that boyfriends can do certain things that make us red with fury and blush at the same time. They’re hot and they’re cold, but they’re our sweethearts at the end of the day. Here are 13 annoying yet cute things all boyfriends do- and you will agree!

1. When he plays with your hair…

And ruins your hairstyle but it’s worth seeing the wonder on his face while he is at it.

1 annoying yet cute things - girl irritated

2. When he tickles you out of the blue disturbing whatever you are doing!

But making you laugh by the end of it!

3. When he dozes off while talking to you before bed.

While it feels frustrating, it’s adorable to know that he’d been talking to you even though he was so exhausted.

3 annoying yet cute things - snoring

4. When he has a grumpy puppy face during shopping sprees!

But accompanies you anyway and even offers to carry your bags!

5. When he imitates everything you say or do!

Which gets on your nerves but you can’t help but start giggling after a point.

5 annoying yet cute things - girl making faces

6. When he makes you angry one moment…

…and cracks a silly joke the next moment leaving you angry but also laughing.

7. When he calls you fatso…

But also gets you your favourite dessert when you’re PMS-ing!

7 annoying yet cute things - chandler and fat monica

8. When he annoys you by making silly faces!

But looks so effing cute while doing that!

9. When he forgets about date night!

He definitely makes up for it by planning a better night and showing up with flowers the day after.

9 annoying yet cute things - andrew garfield flowers

10. When he fails tragically at cooking dinner for you!

So he orders from outside instead of making you eat the bad food. Hey, it’s the effort that counts, right?

11. When he takes you for a football match on dates

And tries to teach you about the game so passionately!

11 annoying yet cute things - rachel ross football

12. When he has a pokey stubble brazing against your skin every time he kisses you…

…but at the same time it makes him look oh-so-hot!

13. When he gets really drunk with you!

And goes on a PDA expression and love spree in front of all the friends making you feel embarrassed and happy at the same time.

13 annoying yet cute things - emma stone andrew garfiled spierman

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