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This Hot NEW Wedding Collection Is For Every Bride & Her Besties

This Hot NEW Wedding Collection Is For Every Bride & Her Besties

We all recognize beachwear designers, Shivan and Narresh from their extremely beautiful swimwear designs. But do you know that the master couturiers do fabulous wedding ensembles too?  Their recent ‘Destination Wedding’ Campaign on Instagram, is like a pre-organized fashion wardrobe fit for an absolute diva! We help you select the best bridal attires from their FAB new Destination Wedding Collection that will definitely get you all ‘wedding ready’ and how!

1. For The Ultimate Bachelorette Fiesta

Make your last day of ‘Singledom’ worthwhile by jetting off to an exotic destination with your girl squad in tow. Arrange a glamorous bachelorette party by color-coordinating your outfits to perfection. Whether you choose to go all trendy in a bodycon, traditional in a lehenga or even edgy in trousers and a crop top combo, we are sure you’ll look every bit of a fashionista! We’re loving this lehenga from the range, it’s so perfect to wear for your bestie’s sangeet night too.

2. For The Arrival Brunch

This gorgeous Shivan and Narresh saree is every bride’s fashion dream come true! And what better than making a grand arrival in a gorgeous colour blocked saree? The gold brocade paired along with the acrot print blouse should be perfect for when you want to make a subtle yet sophisticated first impression.

3. For A Glitzy Mehendi Night


Doused in a riot of colour & warm sun pouring through the palm trees, the poolside mehendi is a family’s delight to let their hair down together, shake a leg amidst all generations to enjoy tradition & love! Knowing that the afternoon celebration may lead to an evening in the pool, functionality & lightness comes to play with light, water-resistant clothes that flow seamlessly through the dusk. From tailored saris, worn with bikini blouses, made in the finest Italian jersey that are resistant to UV rays, stain-proof from sunscreen lotions to having pockets for mobile phones embellished with Skeinwork. The millennials blend western silhouettes with festive embellishments and make statements without missing the fun! . . . On Mili : Bloom Skein Capri Jumpsuit On Nikita : Capri Tailored Sari with Carnation Skein & Champagne Pearls, Draped bikini blouse. On Vaibhav : Moss Polo with Nero Herringbone Trousers . . . #ShivanAndNarresh #DestinationWedding #IndiaModernFestive #CoutureWeek

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Your mehendi night is one of those fun evenings where you can let your hair down and soak in the joy of the pious ritual. This blue and gold capri tailored saree along with a bikini blouse would suit well for a poolside mehndi function. The capri jumpsuit is like an added bonus and could definitely be one of your bridesmaid’s favourite.

4. For The Runway Bride

Your wedding day has finally arrived and while it’s great to look all fashionable, it is equally important to be comfortable too! This Shivan and Narresh lehenga would look spectacular on a glitzy beach wedding ceremony. The blended acrot print blended along with rich velvet would really go well during your candid ‘twirl happy session.’

5. For The Royal Reception


6 long days down, the wedding is over & the excitement is starting to wane, its almost time to go home but this event is unavoidable for the sake of the generations above.... With a handsome bar playing host, millennials find a beautiful excuse to attend this feverish evening with looks marrying western silhouettes with an Indian approach of handcrafted embellishments. The week-long drama comes crashing in with some ultimate moments that would live in memories forever! . . . On Nikita | Tailored Sari with Waterlily Skein #velvetrene border with Champagne pearls. On Vaibhav | Sapphire Velvet Cocktail Jacket with Herringbone Trousers & Moss Polo. On Mili | Liquid Gold Brocade Knotted Blouse worn with Sapphire Velvetrene Skirt with Waterlily Skein. On Laxmi | Sapphire Velvet Dress with Waterlily Skein . . . #ShivanAndNarresh #DestinationWedding #IndiaModernFestive #CoutureWeek

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A reception party is a beautiful prelude to your lifelong journey together. Whether you choose to go with a midi dress, an edgy saree or a glamorous lehenga, we say, you blindly trust this blue and gold perfection. It’ll surely be all worth it!

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