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11 Things We Don't Realize Men Notice About Us… In Bed!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

There are tonnes of things men don’t care about in bed that POPxo Man has told you about. However, there are some things men notice about women in bed, whether they say it or not! Wondering what those things are? We’re here to help! Here are 11 things your man is definitely noticing and loving when he is in bed with you.

1. The ‘bed hair’ look

Let’s just say there is something super sexy about untidy bed hair. While you love your man’s rugged hair, he probably doesn’t want to use rugged to describe you, he does like the whole unkempt, literally woke-up-like-this look!

1 things men notice about women

2. Your eyes

As soon as he is done admiring your perfect hair, he’s lost in your eyes. He notices the colour of your eyes, the slight crinkles you get on the side when you are laughing and he loves it!

3. The shape of your lips

Since you both are so close, he is obviously checking out your lips! That’s the reason he loves tracing his fingers to the shape of your lips… He can’t get enough of that sweet little perfection.

3 things men notice about women

4. That area right above your breasts

We are talking about everything below your neck and above your breasts. Basically, your collarbones and that slight cleavage that peeks from your dress. He can’t help but check it out at least a couple of times!

5. Your breasts

This is the obvious one, right? Of course, he is noticing your breasts and we guarantee, he loves them just the way they are. You don’t need to think about them being smaller or larger because he wouldn’t change a thing about you, so why should you?

5 things men notice about women

6. Your changing expressions

Especially when the two of you are getting down and dirty, your man is definitely noticing how your expressions are changing. This is his way of figuring out if you like what he is doing. And if he can see the pleasure on your face, things get 10x better for him!

7. The softness of your skin

From the moment he first held your hand, he has been noticing how they feel against his skin. So if he is in bed with you, you can count on the fact that he is feeling your every inch of your skin.

7 things men notice about women

8. If you’re breathing heavy

The intensity of your breath really speaks volumes about whether you’re enjoying the act or not! He might not care a lot about what you had for lunch, he does care about how heavy you are or aren’t breathing. Who would’ve thought, huh?

9. The movement of your hips

The movement of a woman’s hips is probably one of the sexiest movements on planet earth. and, boy, do men notice and love it! Why wouldn’t they?

9 things men notice about women

10. The shape of your legs

He does notice the shape of your legs in the dim light, especially if you’re pulling a girl on top! And nope, he doesn’t care whether you have chubby calves or thin.

11. Your lingering scent

He might not notice what perfume you’re wearing when the two of you are getting it on, he does notice the lingering smell you leave when you’re finally done. And he loves it when he can smell just a bit of you on him even when you’re not there!

11 things men notice about women

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Published on Jun 07, 2017
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