11 Struggles Of Keeping Your Boyfriend A Secret From Your Family

11 Struggles Of Keeping Your Boyfriend A Secret From Your Family

Let’s just admit that dating someone is not easy. It takes time and effort. And that that time and effort needs to be doubled when you are hiding your relationship from your family. Maybe the timing isn’t right or they are just super strict about it but there are times when you just can't tell your family that you have a *ahem* boyfriend. Here are 15 funny things that happen to every girl during those times!

1. His number in your phone is inevitably saved under a girl’s name

Because ten phone calls from Aakansha sound better than ten phone calls from Aakash!

2. You have to always have a backup topic in mind when talking on the phone in case someone walks in the door

But on the brighter side, you are now a pro at shifting from ‘Aw, baby’ to ‘Archimedes’ principles about buoyancy force’!

 2 hiding your relationship

3. It’s a task cooking up background stories for all your gifts

For the hundredth time, ma, Aakansha does think I am the apple of her eye!

4. You have to always act tired after participating in make-believe college projects

In an attempt to get out of the house on weekends you have to come up with several events and most of them don’t even exist!

4 hiding your relationship

5. You get a panic attack if any of your parents pick up your phone

What if they see his messages? Pictures? What if he calls? The struggle is real!

6. All your phone fights happen in your washroom

Which first of all, is really hard to do with all the bathroom echo and all and secondly, means you have to say ‘something is wrong with my stomach’ to your parents at least five times in a week!

6 hiding your relationship

7. You have to always get dropped off at least a km away from your house

Because neighbours kya kahenge?

8. When on a date half of your brain is always on a lookout for aunties/ uncles

Or even aunty’s uncle’s second cousin’s son! You never know who might snitch on you!

8 hiding your relationship

9. Valentine’s day is never actually celebrated on 14th!

It’s always a week before or after because you know one wrong step around V-Day and your parents will know for sure!

10. You absolutely can’t not learn how to breath and text simultaneously under a blanket!

However, this does make you great at multi-tasking now, doesn’t it?

10 hiding your relationship

11. Your siblings get away with blackmailing you because you know that they know!

So now when you are fighting they can just use the ‘Mummy ko bataun?’ card!

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