10 Romantic Ways To Fix Things With *Him* After A Fight!

10 Romantic Ways To Fix Things With *Him* After A Fight!

Fights are an integral part of all relationships and it’s completely normal to fight with him once in a while. But, for the sake of love, we must learn to forgive and let go. Here are 10 cute and romantic ways to make up with him after a fight!

1. Write Him A Letter

Love letters can never go out of style! Write him a heartfelt love letter. Also, if it happens to be your fault, don’t be afraid to say sorry. It really can change things. Just in case, love letters aren’t your thing, send him a long, long text telling him why you love him!

1 make up with him after a fight

2. Rom-Com Magic

Watching a rom-com together can also help smooth things over. Grab some popcorn, a couple of beers and watch cute romantic movies. It’ll make everything better instantly with minimal effort.

3. Bear Hugs Forevaa!

Who doesn’t know the power of cuddling? Bear hugs and falling asleep together can work wonders for both of you after a particularly nasty fight. Just hug each other and lie together for a while and no words will be needed after that!

4. Something For His Sweet Tooth

Everyone has a sweet tooth. Well, most do! Nothing brings people together like sharing a dessert. So go to your favourite dessert place, share a chocolate pastry or just go for a walk and have ice cream. Small things make all the difference!

4 make up with him after a fight

5. Drive Away From The Madness

Favourite company, endless chatter and amazing music are what long drives are all about. What better way to connect with your partner than take a little break from your current environment and go for a long drive? You’ll be able to connect better once you are away from the hustle bustle of life.

6. Social Media Love

If making up is getting a little hard in person, show him some social media love. Caption it with something cute like ‘no matter how tough it gets, I know you’ll always be there to love me’.

7. Surprise, Surprise!

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a surprise gift to your boyfriend. Get him something that he’s wanted for a long time as a way of saying sorry. This way he’ll appreciate your effort and forget about the fight!

7 make up with him after a fight

8. Date Night

Go out on a romantic date. If you both love dancing, then go paint the town red or if you want to have amazing food then go to your favourite spot and hog to your heart’s desire. Instant stress buster!

9. Drink To Good Times

You know what’s amazing about alcohol? It’ll help you reconnect and be more honest! So give him a pack of beer (if he is a beer man, that is) and get tipsy together and play games or just act silly and do things without any inhibitions. Another legit reason to get drunk!

10. Video Game Marathon

If your guy happens to be a video game aficionado, then organise a video game marathon for him. Ask his friends to come over and you too join the party! It will lift his spirits and help him get into a better mood!

10 make up with him after a fight

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