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What Happened When My Dad Answered… My Boyfriend’s Call!

What Happened When My Dad Answered… My Boyfriend’s Call!

I always used to talk to my boyfriend right before I fell asleep every day. This was our daily ritual to have one last goodnight call. Not messages but an actual phone call because all through the day, neither of us had enough time to actually talk over the phone. So, every night for around 5-10 minutes, we’d have a brief phone call.

That night, however, we had a fight right before our call. It was while I was getting back from work and we were texting that he said something and then I said something and we both decided to chuck the call that night because we weren’t in the mood to talk to each other. I can’t even remember what the fight was about because it was that minor but it was a fight nevertheless.

However, by the time I got home, I had cooled down enough to talk to him for a bit. So I called him. And he didn’t pick up. As it always happens when your boyfriend doesn’t pick up your call when you really want to talk, anger engulfed me again. And in a fit of rage, I put my phone on the dining table and went to my room to change and freshen up.

Internal father picked up my boyfriends call - upset woman looking out the window

I came out of my room to find my father standing near the dining table talking on the phone… My phone! It took me a moment to realize that my father had picked up my boyfriend’s call. My heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t think what to do. I remembered that his name in my phone was saved under just his initials and not his full name. Inching closer to where my dad stood, I heard him ask in a very rude tone ‘Who is this?’ he repeated this again and then turned to look at me. I figured that my boyfriend had hung up the call when he couldn’t figure out what to say and now I had to do some damage control real quick!

‘Who is this SK?’ my father asked me, I walked a little further away nonchalantly and replied ‘Who? SK? Oh yeah he’s an old friend of mine. Why?’ I asked. ‘Well, he called’ my father said. ‘Oh? Did he? We haven’t talked for a while.’ I said.

‘Really? Because he said ‘I’m so sorry baby’ as soon as I answered the call.’

My mouth suddenly went dry and I think if anyone stood close to me, they would have actually heard my heartbeat.

‘Your friends call you baby?’ my father continued.

‘Um…’ I heard myself speak. ‘Oh, oh now I get it!’ I slapped my hands together, like we do when we suddenly remember something. ‘He was coming to town so he wanted to hang out but you know, I am so busy, so I hadn’t answered his calls. They used to call me baby in school as a joke because I used to cry so much about little things, you know!’

I didn’t notice the loophole of him saying sorry when he called but luckily, neither did my dad. ‘Sounds like bullying to me.’ he replied, putting the phone down. ‘But wait, why did he hang up on me?’ he asked looking up at me again. ‘Oh, the network in this room is really bad dad, have you never noticed?’ he nodded a couple of times and then finally left the room.

I finally heaved a sigh of relief. Instantly changed his name to something else and then called him up to tell him about what had happened. He couldn’t stop laughing! And neither could my bestie when I told her the next day how my father picked up my boyfriend’s call!

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