How To Find The Perfect Colours That Suit *Your* Skin Tone!

How To Find The Perfect Colours That Suit *Your* Skin Tone!

Have you ever tried a top or a dress in a particular shade of blue (for instance) and felt like it makes your face look lively? While a different shade of blue makes you look dull, tired and just not as pretty? This isn’t just a matter of coincidence, ladies. It’s because the first shade of blue matched your skin’s surface tone and undertone while the second one didn’t. Don’t panic just yet, we’re here to teach you all about skin undertones and how you can find yours! Here’s how to tell what colours suit your skin tone the most.

What are skin undertones?

Skin undertone is the colour underneath the surface tone (or complexion as you may call it). You could have the same complexion (surface tone) as someone else, while having completely different skin undertones. There are 3 different types of skin undertones, cool, warm and neutral (combination of cool and warm). Here are a couple of ways to find out what’s your skin undertone:

1. What’s the colour of your veins?

Have a close look at your wrist and check the colour of your veins. Do they appear blue/purple? If yes, you have a cool undertone. If they appear green, you’re warm toned. If you’re having trouble telling the colour, you’re lucky miss neutral toned!  

2. What colours suit you the most?

We all have a rough idea of what colours make us look good. These are the colours that usually dominate our wardrobe. If you find yourself looking best in jewel tones like emerald green or a rich magenta, you’re cool toned. If you look good in earthy colours like orange and red, you’ve got a warm undertone. And if you’re lucky and look good in everything, you’re the neutral baby!

3. The good old jewellery technique

Another way to check your skin undertone is by seeing what jewellery makes you look alive. Wear your favourite gold and silver jewellery and see what looks better on you. If you’re cool toned, silver will suit you better and if you’ve got a warm undertone, gold is for you! You could lean both ways if you’re blessed with a neutral undertone.

4. How does the sun affect your skin?   

What happens when you spend too much time under the sun? Does you skin turn a golden brown or does it burn and turn pink? If it’s the former, you’re warm toned. The latter is you, cool toned women, you’re more likely to get a tan.

Now that you know what your skin undertones are, we’ll tell you what colours suit you best!  

Recommendations For Cool-Toned Skin

Jewel toned colours are the best bet for you. Cool colours like emerald green, amethyst, royal blue, lavender, lilac and deep purple should be your go-to colours. From the warm colour family, colours like ruby, bright rose and cerise are your friends. You can avoid colours like yellow and orange.

1. Lilac Love

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2. Emerald Enamor

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3. Lucky In Lavender

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Recommendations For Warm-Toned Skin

If you are warm toned, your go-to colours should be yellows, oranges, browns, ivories and warm reds. Golden yellow, green moss, fern, olive green, deeper turquoise and magenta will look best on you! You should steer clear from jewel tones and icy shades.  

1.  Hello Sunshine!

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2. Casual Cool

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Recommendations For Neutral Skin Toned

Colours like light peach, dusky pink and soft pink will look great on you. Basically anything that falls in the middle of the colour spectrum will complement your skin undertone. Anything that’s too bright should be avoided.

1. Peach Perfect

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2. Ethnic Elegance

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3. Victorian Vibes

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Go ahead and mix and match these colours to create a perfect look for yourself!

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