10 Easy Hacks To Make Your Bra SO Much More Comfortable!

10 Easy Hacks To Make Your Bra SO Much More Comfortable!

Dream about freeing your breasts from the shackles of your bra, at the end of a sweaty, tiring day? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there done that, and continue to do that! But no matter how much we hate wearing bras, we can’t really do without them, can we? So we thought of making the whole boobs-trapped-in-a-bra experience a little better for you. Here are 10 hacks to make your bras more comfortable and easy to wear!  

1. Use wider straps

As much as you like your bra with thin, strappy straps, it’s better for your breasts if you choose thicker ones. Opt for bras with wider straps as they provide more support and comfort. Wouldn’t that be so much better?

2. Do not repeat your bras frequently

Bras get worn out pretty quickly, especially if you wash them every other day and wear the same ones frequently. We’re sure you have favourites but get two in the same shade, may be?

2 make your bras more comfortable - stack your bras

3. Strap cushions to the rescue!

You will surely thank us for this hack. We know how painful bra straps can get. So if they irritate your skin by digging in, use strap cushions to rescue your shoulders. Just place them underneath the straps of your bra and say bye to discomfort!

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4. DIY racerback

Why buy a racerback bra, when you can actually make one? All you gotta do is clip the bra straps together from the back by using a paperclip. Say hello to your very own DIY racerback bra. In case you aren’t sure about the paperclip, you can also buy the ready made clips.

4 make your bras more comfortable - diy bra

5. Wear it the right way

The right way to wear a bra is to put on the straps first and then bend down to let your breasts fall into the cups. This way, you will get the right fit without feeling suffocated or uncomfortable.

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6. Give moisturiser a miss when wearing a strapless bra!

This trick is really useful while wearing a strapless bra as it lets your bra stick to your skin. Avoid any kind of oily and greasy moisturisers or talcum powders as they increase the chances of your bra slipping down! Here’s a tip to make sure your bra doesn’t slip down - attach one end of your strap to the backside of your bra and pull it around to the front, taking it all the way underneath the cups to the other side on the back and attach it there. This acts like a belt, avoiding an ‘oops’ moment!

6 make your bras more comfortable - strapless bra hacks

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7. Say goodbye to peeking straps!

Tired of your bra straps peeking out every now and then? Not anymore! Just sew a strap holder on the inside of your dress and pin your bra straps to them. You can even use a double-sided tape to hold them both together and nobody will even know they exist!

8. A low back strap converter

Got no bra to wear under that deep back dress? Don’t worry, use a low back converter to convert your regular bra into a deep back bra instead of buying one. You’ll be amazed by how convenient this hack is.

8 make your bras more comfortable - black bra

9. Use bra extenders

If your cup size is perfect but your bra still feels tight, it’s time you give bra extenders a try. Bra extenders help extend the length of your hook strap, giving you more room to breathe and feel comfortable.

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10. Full coverage bras for the win

Full coverage bras are known to be the most comfortable! When in doubt, always go for full coverage bras as they make sure your boobs don’t pop out and help you avoid any kind of spills. They also provide you maximum support.

10 make your bras more comfortable - bra hacks

Images: Tumblr, Shutterstock

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