13 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Fashion!

13 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Fashion!

Every girl obsessed with the fashion world understands that her vocabulary is a little different. We use some words that are unique to our industry. Though these are words a lot of people might be using, they mean something completely different to us. Curious enough? Let’s take you through 13 words every stylish girl knows and what they mean to us!

1. Statement

Regular people: A clear expression of something in speech or in writing.  

Fashion world: A wardrobe item that is the first thing people notice about your outfit. It could be an accessory too, like a necklace or a pair of earrings.

I’m digging the statement necklace you’re wearing, girl!

2. Contemporary

Regular people: Something that occurs in or belongs to the current time period.

Fashion world: Mid-priced fashion items that are trendy, but more affordable than actual designer wear.

Stylish women must stay updated with contemporary and designer brands at all times!

3. Investment

3 words every stylish girl should know - stylish casual denim jeans

Regular people: A financial term for spending money with an intent to make profit.

Fashion world: An essential fashion item that you’ll wear quite often and will last a long time in your wardrobe.   

A pair of jeans that fit like second skin is an investment every girl needs to make.

4. Resort

Regular people: A place you visit when you’re on a holiday. It could also be the last option when you’ve tried all the other alternatives.  

Fashion world:  Collection designed between spring and fall specifically targeting a holiday season!

Have you checked out Nidhi Munim’s resort wear collection? It’s just what you need for a beach vacay!

5. Collection

Regular people: A group of things or people.

Fashion world: Seasonal production of different styles within a line, for a company.   

Aren’t you loving Zara’s tropical collection?

6. Merch

6 words every stylish girl should know - satin bomber jeacket

Regular people: A short form for the word ‘merchandise’.

Fashion world: Branded merchandise for a celebrity or anything famous.

Will you be wearing Justin Bieber merch for the concert?

7. Shoot

Regular people: Kill or wound an animal or a person with a bullet or an arrow.

Fashion world: To click pictures for a fashion story or a blog.   

I’m so excited for today’s blog shoot!

8. Cold Shoulder

Regular people: The act of being rude to someone deliberately.

Fashion world: A style of tops or dresses with sleeves that are cut out from the shoulders.  

The cold shoulder trend is a must have this season!

9. Mule

9 words every stylish girl should know - mule shoes for women

Regular people: A mule is an offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.

Fashion world: Mule is a french word for a type of shoe that is back open and mostly close toed.

Did I show you those tan mules I bought the other day?

10. Nautical

Regular people: Anything that is related to seamen, navigation or ships.

Fashion world: Anything with stripes, or red or white and blue

A nautical striped dress makes for a great Sunday brunch outfit!

11. Relaxed

Regular people: Free from tension and anxiety.

Fashion world: Anything that’s a loungy, loose fit or a size bigger.

This blue dress looks chilled out and has a relaxed fit - just what I love!

12. Staple

12 words every stylish girl should know - woman in white tee looking away

Regular people: A thin piece of wire by a stapler through sheets of paper.

Fashion world: A garment that never makes its way out of your wardrobe.

A plain white tee is a wardrobe staple you’ve got to own!

13. Off Duty

Regular people: When someone’s not engaged in their regular work.

Fashion world: Any time the model leaves her house and is not walking the ramp.

Gigi Hadid’s off duty style is goals!

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