10 Classic Hairstyles That EVERY Girl Can Pull Off!

10 Classic Hairstyles That EVERY Girl Can Pull Off!

Looking for hairstyles that can amp up your entire look? Worry not because you’re at the right place! Here is a list of classic hairstyles that are easy to pull off anytime and anywhere. With these, we bet you’ll look super stylish without trying too hard. These hairstyles for women are oh-so-classy and sophisticated, they will transform your entire look. Oh and it doesn’t matter what hair type you have because these will suit everybody. Hair game on, ladies! *Wink*

1. High and sleek


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Ladies, if you’re looking for a hairstyle that you can rock the entire day and for every occasion, then this one is for you. Sleek hair is in vogue and high ponytail is one of the most classic hairstyles. Use a hair straightener to get that sexy sleek look if you have curly or wavy hair, then comb with a brush to get smooth strands. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and use a scrunchie for a perfect look.

2. Styled waves


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For night events or wedding functions, you can always go for a styled wavy look. It’s just so gorgeous and elegant that every girl can pull it off. To get smooth and bouncy waves you need to first blowdry your strands and then use a curler to get the look. Set it with a hairspray and now you’re ready to rock this look. Wavy tresses are here to stay, girls!

3. The good old chignon


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Ladies, a chignon can never go out of style as it is one of the chicest hairdos. It is a perfect hairstyle for cocktail events and weddings - you can always place your trust in the ever-classy low bun. To make a perfect chignon you need to part your hair from the middle and gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Then coil your strands in an anti-clockwise manner and continue to twist it into the shape of a normal hair bun. Secure it with bobby pins and you’re good to go!

4. For the love of braids

Braids are timeless, don’t you agree? There are SO many versions of a braid and it’s difficult to not to fall in love with them, Our personal favourite is a messy side fishtail braid that you can sport at any occasion - be it a brunch with your girls or a night out with them. To get this look, part your hair from either of the sides and sweep your hair to one of your shoulders while making a fishtail braid. Make sure to leave some strands loose on the opposite side and voila, you’re ready, girls. It adds such a feminine touch to any casual or dressy look.

5. Sleek does it!

For an uber chic and classy look, go for a sleek low ponytail. It goes perfectly with all western as well as Indian outfits and we bet you’ll look fab with this hairdo. All you have to do is, create a part from either of the sides and straighten your hair for a super sleek look. Sweep your hair to one shoulder and tie a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Tie with a thin hair tie and set it with a spray so that your hairdo stays that way for the entire event.

6. Long beachy waves

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There’s just something so effortlessly sexy about breezy, beach waves and there are so many techniques to get beachy waves are super easy. You can slightly curl your locks with a curler or make a braid and use a straightener to make sure your hair is wavy. Bring out your inner beach babe goddess and flaunt your gorgeous locks by setting it with a sea salt spray to add that oomph factor.

7. Classic top knot


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Top knots are actually saviours - if you’re having a bad hair day or if it’s too hot out there, you can always place your trust in this chic hairdo. This hairstyle can go with all your outfits, be it western or Indian. Just gather your hair at the top of your head and secure it with a scrunchie. You can also go for a messy look by pulling out some strands from the front or a neat and clean look. It’s your call, ladies!

8. Sleek and stylish

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Learn from the ultimate desi girl on how to rock a sleek look with style. The best part about this hairstyle is that it suits every face shape. To get this super chic look, begin with straightening your hair and once you’re done, part it from the middle. Set it with a spray so that your strands stay super straight and voila, you’re ready to rock this perfect hairdo.

9. Cute and classic


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Half updos are stylish, easy, girly and one of the most classic of all the dos. Kate Middleton still rocks it, so why can’t you? For a stylish half updo, comb back your hair and make a slight pouf to give some volume to your hair. If you want, you can slightly curl your ends so that it gives you a nice, polished look. So easy but super pretty, isn’t it?

10. Side swept waves


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To amp up your hair game, go for this chic hairstyle that suits both medium and long hair length. It’s super easy to make as all you have to do is part your hair from either of the sides and move your strands to one shoulder. Make sure pin up your hair from the other side so that it stays in place on one side. Use a setting spray to make sure your hair stays put. This is an evergreen look that is equal parts glam and classy. It’s no wonder it’s such a hit on every red carpet event.