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10 Things EVERY College Going Girl Must Have In Her Beauty Kit!

10 Things EVERY College Going Girl Must Have In Her Beauty Kit!

College days are the best days of a girl’s life. We make a million memories during this time! It is like a comfortable safety net before we step into the real world. While our life might be fabulous in college, the long classes and ever-rising stress levels sometimes make it hard for us to look fabulous through the day. Hence, here’s what you need - a mini beauty kit. Here are 10 things every college girl must have in her beauty kit!

1. A cooling face mist

When you’re running around for errands, this is the product you need. A splash of face mist will keep you looking fresh all day. In fact, you should just add it your handbag already.

2. BB cream for light coverage

BB cream is for those days when you want to flaunt the no-makeup, makeup look in college. You obviously can’t wear makeup every day so this basic product will perfectly camouflage your problem areas. It will also make clicking those perfect selfies a tad bit easier.

2 beauty essentials - girl doing her makeup

3. Cool wet wipes on a hot day

They’re fresh and smell great - just the saviour you need on an excruciatingly hot day. Wet wipes can be used as makeup removers too.

4. An easy-breezy razor

Are you having second thoughts about wearing that oh-so-perfect outfit because of body hair? While waxing sessions are time-consuming and painful, a razor is portable and gives you the same results without any pain. We recommend the Gillette Venus Breeze razor that comes equipped with in-build gel bars that helps retain skin’s moisture during and after the shave. So, go get yours soon!

4 beauty essentials - girl shaving her legs

5. The reliable kohl pencil

Yes, we desi girls love our kajal. We think it’s safe to say that a kohl pencil is every girl's best friend. The amazing part is that it can double up as a brow pencil as well as an eyeliner. You gotta add this one to your beauty kit!

6. A lotion to protect your skin!

No matter what time of the year it is, our skin always needs protection from UV rays. Not only are they very harmful to the skin - they can also cause dark spots. Before you step out for the day, even if you’re in a rush, applying a generous amount of sunscreen is a must!

6 beauty essentials - girl doing her makeup

7. Your favourite coloured lip balm or lipstick

Like they say, when things go wrong, just put on a lipstick! And if you are not the kind who likes to wear one then having a lip balm in your bag is a must - it will keep your lips from getting chapped!

8. A fragrance that smells like a dream

Did you know that smelling great actually makes you look twice as attractive? Invest in a good mist or perfume and always keep it in your bag. It will keep you fresh and active all day long.

8 beauty essentials - girl applying perfume

9. A compact powder

How will all that beautiful makeup settle in? Well, every girl should have a compact powder in her beauty kit because you sometimes need one for touch ups on the go!

10. The tiny essentials

These are a few things that might not be at the top of our list but we do use them regularly. For the tiny blips and snitches - safety pins, bobby pins, q-tips and tweezers always come in handy!

10 beauty essentials - girl doing her makeup

*This post is in association with Gillette Venus.