11 Things To Say To Guys Who Stare At Your Boobs!

11 Things To Say To Guys Who Stare At Your Boobs!

Every girl has, at one point, had the unpleasant experience of a guy staring at her boobs. It is kinda annoying and makes us think ‘They’re JUST breasts!’, right? Here are 15 sarcastic things to say to men who stare at your boobs!

1. ‘No, they don’t talk.’

What do you think? They’ll start speaking if you stare hard enough?

1 men who stare at your boobs

2. ‘Do you have X-Ray vision? Do you use it to fight crime or just to be annoying?’

Use your superpowers for better things than this, please!

3. ‘Hi! (Pointing towards your mouth) Only this part of my body does the talking!’

I sometimes have to deal with the back ache and men like you all because I have breasts!

3 men who stare at your boobs

4. ‘I’m sorry but I think you’re drooling!’

And you need to stop.

5. ‘Do I have something on my shirt? Oh yes, your eyes jackass!’

Only if you could have something on your face like my palm when I smack you!

5 men who stare at your boobs

6. ‘Are you checking out my boobs or just making sure I’m breathing?’

He might just be a good guy worried about your health. *Eyeroll*

7. ‘I’m so sorry I can’t stop my breasts from staring into your eyes!’

Do you really think your eyes are not the problem and my breasts are?! #SassMeetsSarcasm

7 men who stare at your boobs

8. ‘Was it on your agenda, to make me feel uncomfortable today?’

Stop it, buddy, just stop it!

9. ‘Is this a new way of flirting with girls? Why was I not informed?’

Why else would you be staring at my breasts shamelessly?

9 men who stare at your boobs

10. ‘Do you want boobs too? It’s so easy! Just get breast implants!’

I’ll even help you pay for them if that stops you from staring at mine.

11. Say nothing and stare right back!

Actions always speak louder than words.

11 men who stare at your boobs

So the next time someone looks at your twins, you can give them these comebacks. But how cool will it be if you never have to use any of these?!

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