Sunday Shorts : 3 Saucy Tales Of Getting Naughty In A Movie Hall

Sunday Shorts : 3 Saucy Tales Of Getting Naughty In A Movie Hall

1. Some popcorn menace!

‘Oh no!’ I exclaimed when my bucket of popcorn spilled over him. But there was a smile on my face because I knew exactly what I was doing. I brushed my hand exactly where it shouldn’t have. 

‘Really?’ he turned to me, ‘Here, baby?’

‘If not now, then when and if not here, then where?’ I replied back with an evil grin on my face.

The age old popcorn trick worked as his hand sneakily went up my shirt. Sometimes, I guess, being subtle is not really the only option especially when you want to be getting naughty in a movie hall!

1 getting naughty in a movie hall

2. Some corner seat fun

‘Your feet are freezing cold,’ he said rubbing them with his soft hands. I sat up with a start because I was busy watching the film. Suddenly, it dawned on me that the air conditioning was on in full blast and I couldn’t stop shivering.

In the darkness of the hall, he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. ‘Does that feel better?’ I nudged him to keep at it.

We made out passionately, almost as if our life depended on it. And having those comfortable corner seats definitely helped.

2 getting naughty in a movie hall

3. Horrific love

It was our first date and we chose to catch a horror film that night. I usually don't get scared when I’m watching spooky movies, but this one gave me goosebumps! The sound, the darkness and the fact that we were the only couple in the theater, gave me a mini panic attack.

Forty-five minutes into the film, I felt a hand touch me from the back and I squealed with fright! It was just his hand. 'Baby, are you frightened?’ he asked. Coyly nodding my head, he cupped my face and planted a wet kiss on my lips. My pounding heart instantly felt calmer. Before he could let go, I pulled his face closer to mine and passionately kissed him. After that intimate night, I realized two things - I was head over heels in love and, horror movies were now our 'thing'.

3 getting naughty in a movie hall

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