#MyStory: He Was With Her When We Met... But I Still Said Yes!

#MyStory: He Was With Her When We Met... But I Still Said Yes!

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, my father was an alcoholic. I remember being a six-year-old and hearing my mother getting beaten up in the other room, I remember so many nights we spent at the police station but no one really did anything there also. I was helpless, I was a kid and I couldn't do anything. My mother had to stay with my father because she had nowhere to go and the money she earned went into the school and household things, my father never worked so my mother only had to manage everything. But things changed as we grew up, I started intervening in the fights, I stood up for my mother. Many times I got hurt but with time I was able to stop my father and soon I encouraged my mother to move out.

My mother and I shared a very good relationship, we were practically best friends. No matter what she went through, she made sure to raise us as amazingly as possible. My sister and I could share anything with her. Our father hated us because we were girls, but my mother always taught us that we were no less than boys and we could do anything.

I started dating my first boyfriend somehow but it turned out to be a disaster for me. He cheated on me, on my birthday with my best friend. I was angry and I hated the concept of love by then. So, after I completed my school, my mother decided to send me to another state to do my college so that I could get things off my mind and get a new start.

Internal fell in love

After I moved and started college, I used to get a lot of attention in college as the ratio of girls in our college was pretty low and I was enjoying the new attention I got. After a week I knew almost everyone in the college (it was a small college). One day I saw a guy, he was perfect… Tall, dark and handsome, rough looks with a hint of a cute smile. I instantly had a crush on him. He was my senior and was in his third year. Soon we started talking… Nothing serious, just some casual conversation.

A week later we started preparing for our freshers’, I was least interested in it but I took part in it because he was going to be there. We started talking during the freshers’ practice and it turned out that we both were from the same town. My friends and a few seniors told be to beware of him as he had a very bad reputation with girls and was known to leave them after having sex with them. But at that time I was drawn to him in a very strange manner. I had had crushes before but not like this one.

We soon exchanged numbers and he texted me after a couple of days. It started with a normal chat about college then he asked me about my family. I told him a bit and it turned out that he had gone through the same thing. An alcoholic and jobless father and a wonderful hardworking mother. That chat turned into a heart to heart conversation. We both had a lot of things in common. We ended up talking for the whole night and next day went to college just to see each other. This happened for 2 more nights, we hardly had slept for 6 hours in 3 days but it was worth it. Talking to him made me feel good. Finally, someone knew exactly how I felt.

Then came the freshers’ party, I was all excited, I dressed up my best and got ready. I was pretty nervous. I thought a little drinking would help, so I drank little. I reached the party a little tipsy and saw that he was drunk as well. The party started and we had a lot of fun. We ate and drank, soon we were wasted and dancing together. My friend and senior pulled me aside and told me again to beware of him but it just didn't matter to me.  

After a while we went outside for a smoke when suddenly he pulled me into a hug, it was the warmest hug I had ever experienced. But then he pulled away and apologised. I told him it was okay. He said he wanted to tell me something and then confessed that he was dating someone else till the day he had started talking to me. But then he broke up with her because he thought that we had a strong connection. He said he liked me very much and he had never felt so connected with anyone before. He wanted to be with me, but only after I knew what the truth was. He said he knew he had a bad reputation but he really liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. I said yes...

I thank the God every day that I fell in love with him and said yes because he is the best thing that has happened to me. He treats me like a princess, supports me and my dreams and loves me a lot. After 5 years of dating each other, we recently got married and I'm thankful for everything I have now.

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