13 Kickass Comebacks For All The Sexist Things People Say To You

13 Kickass Comebacks For All The Sexist Things People Say To You

They never stop, do they? The society, sometimes even our parents and friends, join in nitpicking our faults. Are we ever good enough, wise enough, fair enough, intelligent enough - the list goes on. But, ladies, even we are made of steel and can very well destroy someone with just a single burn. Here are 13 witty and funny comebacks to all the sexist things you hear!

1. ‘You should smile more often, you’d look prettier.’

Umm, I can’t. My dentures will fall out.

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2. ‘That dress is too short, it is distracting me.’

Well, maybe you should just stop staring at my legs and mind your own business.

3. ‘You ride a bike? What?’

You know what’s more improbable than a woman on a bike? You having brains. There, I said it!

4. ‘How do you manage your home so effortlessly?’

Just ask my husband, he’s the one at home, taking care of things while I'm here.

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5. ‘Don’t throw like a girl. You’ll make us lose.’

C’mon man, let me at least give it a shot. And then don’t blame me for punching you where it will hurt the most.

6. ‘How could you not take his last name?’

For the same reason that he did not take mine.

7. ‘Women are not supposed to pay the bills.’

...Says the guy who still expects his mum and dad to handle his finances.

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8. ‘You are doing quite well… I mean, for a girl’

Oh, why thanks. You are also quite reasonably average - for a guy.

9. ‘Could you just calm down?’

Oh, thanks for asking. But no, absolutely not.

10. ‘Are you sure you don’t want kids?’

Are you sure it is appropriate for you to ask me this question?

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11. ‘Why can’t you advocate for gender equality without calling yourself a feminist?’

Are you asking me to be a feminist without calling myself a feminist? I mean sure, but no.

12. ‘Isn't your biological clock ticking?’

Oh, is it? Really? But I still don’t look half as old as you.

13. ‘Is it that time of the month?’

You mean the time when you majorly piss me off? Totes.

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