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10 Super Sexy Foreplay Challenges To Try With *Him*

10 Super Sexy Foreplay Challenges To Try With *Him*

Foreplay can bring about a major change in your sex life. It's not only the ‘warm up’ before sex, it is also something that makes you and your partner crave more and more of each other and guarantees great sex! Thus, to get your night moving in the right direction, we have some foreplay challenges that you and your partner can try.

1. Strip poker

A classic game that never fails to disappoint. The whole thrill of winning so that you could see your partner completely naked makes this game sexy and thrilling. Watching your partner slowly take off their clothes will get you ready for sex in no time!

1 foreplay challenges

2. Role play

Everyone has a secret fantasy and role play gives a couple a chance to let their inner fantasy surface. Make this game even more challenging by not allowing each other to drop their character. The one who stays in the character for the longest is the winner and gets to decide the position for sex. This game would give you both something new to try as well as ask each other for your favourite sex position in a creative way.

3. Time for a massage!

Wondering what is the challenge in a massage, right? Well, the challenge is that the one who is getting the massage done will have their hands tied and cannot touch their partner. You could give your partner a full body massage and see him cringe in order to touch you back. This is surely going to send happy shivers down his spine!

3 foreplay challenges

4. Truth or dare

First finish off a bottle of wine to set the mood and use the empty bottle to play this game and turn it into a sexy round of truth and dare. If either of you choose truth, you could ask each other your secret fantasies. And either of you chooses dare, you can ask them to do whatever you want them to do to you. *Wink*

5. Pin drop silence

Blindfold your partner and do the naughtiest things you can imagine to them and their body for 10 minutes! The catch of the game? The one who is blindfolded isn’t allowed to make any noise. The objective of the one who is doing the sexy thing is to make the other partner moan or make a sound of pleasure. The one who wins gets to be the lucky one, deciding the course of action for the night.

5 foreplay challenges

6. Make the mornings special

Morning sex is always great and adding a little bit of sexy foreplay to this would make it even better. Once you both wake up, start your morning routine normally like any other day but this time, do the routine while you’re naked. The sight of him seeing you brush your teeth, wash your face, cook and eat breakfast naked will make go wild, eventually leading to a unforgettable morning!

7. Guess the body part

Make him lie down and close his eyes. Now, ask him to open his mouth and start putting different parts of your body in his mouth. For instance, you could start by putting your finger, then your lips and then… You get the drill! You get to decide how long the body part would stay in his mouth while he just keeps anticipating of what is going to come next.

7 foreplay challenges

8. Seven minutes in heaven

Enter your dressing room or any other small area of your room/house. Turn the lights off and start kissing and touching each other all over the body. The rule of the game is that none of you are allowed to speak or make any sound for 7 minutes and you both can do anything you want to each other. The thrill of being in a confined space without being able to talk or have the lights on will guarantee you both great sex later on!

9. Red/Green light

The basic concept of this game is that red means ‘stop’ while green means ‘go’. One of you will be in control and when your partner says green, you start touching and kissing them while they count backwards from 20. Once they have reached zero, the one who is in control needs to stop and if they don’t, they get a punishment. You have to try to make the one who is counting forget their count and thus prolong the experience.

9 foreplay challenges

10. Kinky cards

Take a normal deck of cards and give each suit a sexy and naughty meaning. Spades can mean a massage, hearts can mean kissing and so on. Both of you would get a chance each to pull out one card and perform a task. For example, if your partner pulls out 10 of hearts, it means you both need to kiss each other for 10 minutes. Continue playing this game till both of you are completely turned on and cannot wait to grab each other in bed!

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Published on May 15, 2017
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