10 *Different* Things You Can Make From Your Old Dupattas!

10 *Different* Things You Can Make From Your Old Dupattas!
Your old dupattas are not only to be thrown away or just used as a rag. A dupatta is roughly two metres of cloth that can be repurposed to make a variety of awesome things! Here are 10 ways to reuse your old dupatta to create something more interesting out of it!

1. A headband

1 ways to reuse your old dupatta You can totally make a great headband from your old dupatta. Take a dupatta that has a flowy fabric and cut out a portion of it to use as a headband. Take the measurement according to the size of your head. Tie a cute knot around it and go the vintage route!

2. The borders for a photo frame

Cut out the borders of your dupatta and put them together to make a cute photo frame that you can gift a friend. It’s personal, eco-friendly and will make a really pretty decor item too. Try this today!

3. Make a beach cover up

3 ways to reuse your old dupatta   Have one of those chiffon, slightly transparent dupattas lying around at home? Just spin it around and cut out two holes on it to make it a beach cover up! It’s super easy, looks really casual and you can pair it with your favourite bikini!

4.  As a cape

Spread the dupatta on a plain surface and draw a circle, covering the entire width of the dupatta. Cut out another circle inside the portion that you’ve cut out for your head. Add a few pompoms or tassels to it and convert it into a good looking and fashionably on-point cape!

5. A beautiful clutch

5 ways to reuse your old dupatta We’ve been bestowed with rich textiles and handicrafts that makes our Indian Wear really, really beautiful. Imagine making a beautiful coin pouch or a clutch from a brocade, kutchi mirror work or sequinned and embroidered fabric? It will look really interesting and have an element of desi quirkiness in it!

6. Reuse it as a stole or a scarf

A lot of times, we don’t end up using our dupattas because they’re too wide and voluminous to pair with our jeans and other western wear. At times like these, you can always cut-out a portion of the dupatta and use it as a stole or a scarf, giving it a new lease of life!

7. Curtains

7 ways to reuse your old dupatta Really easy to make and your room will look straight out of a Pinterest inspiration board! Cut out a few equal sized circles on one end of the dupatta to hang it with a curtain rod. Decorate them with fairy lights and pretty up your room!

8. Table cloth

This one is really easy and requires almost no effort at all! Cut out an old dupatta that would make a great tablecloth to decorate your centre table or your dining one. In fact, you can even make cute and matching coasters if there’s any cloth remaining. Easy DIY, isn’t it?

9. Cushion cover

9 ways to reuse your old dupatta A lot of dupattas have pretty borders and embellishments that can easily be reused to make ethnic and traditional cushion covers. You can even simply knot them and use them if you don’t want to stitch or sew them. They will look super cute and make your room look better!

10. Pretty top

We’ve all done this as children, haven’t we? Especially if the dupatta is a heavy one, fitted with beautiful sequins or has beaded work… it just makes so much sense to get a cute top out of it made! You’ll be showered with compliments, we promise! Internal Images: Shutterstock