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17 CRAZY Thoughts Girls Have The First Time They Buy *Condoms*

17 CRAZY Thoughts Girls Have The First Time They Buy *Condoms*

Buying a condom is tough, especially when you are a girl. People look at you like you just announced that you’d be selling your soul to satan. And the whole condom buying experience has us questioning which would be worse. If you’ve ever bought a condom or are planning to buy one then you will definitely relate to these 17 thoughts!
1. ‘Okay, here we are, let’s do this!’ 1 buying a condom 2. ‘Stop looking around, just go and ask him for a pack.’ 3. ‘Oh my God, is that Sharma uncle?’ 3 buying a condom 4. ‘Okay, no… stop freaking out!’ 5. ‘Should I buy some gum before as an excuse?’ 5 buying a condom 6. ‘No. You’re a strong independent woman, you don’t need excuses!’ 7. ‘Oh damn, I know that aunty… quick, grab some gum!’ 7 buying a condom 8. ‘Okay, just get in line now and ask him for a packet of condoms. It should be easy.’ 9. ‘WHY DID I HAVE TO POINT? Now everyone knows I am buying a condom.’ 9 buying a condom 10 ‘Oh wow. How many kinds are there? Which one do I choose?’ 11. ‘Stop with that look, bhaiya. You’re making me nervous!’ 11 buying a condom 12. ‘This is worse than the first time I bought a pad on my own.’ 13. ‘They don’t have ribbed, dotted or thin… so, what do they have?!’ 13 buying a condom 14. ‘This is annoying. I’ll just take whatever they have and get done with it.’’ 15. ‘Wait, where is he going? What’s happening?’ 15 buying a condom 16. ‘He sent a woman employee to bill me?!’ 17. ‘Okay, that’s it. I’m buying the multi-pack, don’t want to do this anytime soon!’ 17 buying a condom GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 15, 2017
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