10 Simple Little Things A Girl Wants From The Guy She Loves!

10 Simple Little Things A Girl Wants From The Guy She Loves!
Contrary to popular belief, most women are pretty low maintenance. We all want that grand romance, but with our feet firmly planted on the ground. So guys, if you are hoping to be bombarded with great expectations, you are in for a surprise. Here are 10 incredibly simple things girls want from their guys.   

1. Respect at all times

First and foremost, every woman expects to be treated fairly in a relationship, as an equal with the same stakes. And she will most definitely treat you in a way that she wishes to be treated herself - with a fair amount of consideration.    1 things girls want from their guys

2. Undivided attention

A couple wouldn’t be setting a good precedent if they don’t have the patience to hear each other out. Even if he is not in a position to give her advice, a woman would love to have her partner’s attention and for him to listen to her, especially during difficult times.   

3. Sex, baby!

But of course, men are not the only ones who crave intimacy - women are also sexual beings who have their own wants, desires and a knowledge of what does and doesn’t work for them in bed. They want to be able to talk about it openly with their partners and take it from there.

4. It's about time

A given, if you are in a relationship, is that you’d absolutely want to spend a considerable amount of time with the other person. It can be as simple as sharing the same physical space while being consumed in office paperwork. When it comes to women, it’s the thought that counts, guys. 4 things girls want from their guys

5. Commitment with no conditions

The dynamics of your relationship should be decided in the beginning itself. Most women love the idea of being in love and are committed to the person they adore - however, if you are less serious than her, you should let her know right away.

6. The hint of humility

Women are drawn towards driven, ambitious men. But it helps when they are also humble about their achievements and their personal qualities. It makes the man all the more attractive and the relationship benefits from it.

7. Honest communication

Good communication is the key to making any relationship work. Women don’t merely want their partners to listen and agree with their opinions but also state their own point of view in a straightforward manner.
7 things girls want from their guys

8. Little surprises

It certainly helps to perk up your relationship if you are in one of those boring ‘we don’t know what to do’ phases. As much as a woman loves being in control at times, she adores the thought of a man planning and executing a special surprise to perfection.

9. A little bit of consistency

Every relationship allows for some amount of uncertainty, but women are not fond of too many grey areas. So let her know, once and for all, that you are irrevocably in love with her and hold onto your feelings throughout the length of the relationship.

10. Protective, not possessive

Quite a thin line between the two emotions but women are fond of men who look out for them and not the ones who unnecessarily want to keep them from achieving their ambitions and dreams. 10 things girls want from their guys GIFs: Tumblr