10 ‘No Heat’ Hairstyles We’re So, SO In Love With!!

10 ‘No Heat’ Hairstyles We’re So, SO In Love With!!
Ladies, this is rule number 1 for your gorgeous mane - you’ve got to love it to make sure it loves you back and looks stunning every single day. And by loving your mane, we mean, not using too many heat styling products on it. Let us point it out to you here that if you believe that your tresses cannot look stunning sans heat treatment, you’re mistaken, girl. We give you 10 uber glam no heat hairstyles that are easy, will make you look absolutely gorge and will save your locks from all that damage!

1. Prettily pinned up

1 no heat hairstyles Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram How fresh and cutesy does this hairdo look? To pretty up like Deepika, all you have to do is work on freshly washed hair, make a side parting, and pin the hair on either sides at the back. You can even backcomb the crown and add a pouf to make it look all the more dreamy, and you’ll be good to go!

2. Braid bun, anyone?

2 no heat hairstyles Image: Shutterstock This one might look a tad bit complicated, but it really isn’t. Make a braid with the top section of your hair, starting at the hairline and tug at it to add some volume. After that, make a bun with that braid to make it look like an effortlessly done, cool top knot. This one is sure to make you look ultra glam as you head out for the day!

3. Half updo, honey

3 no heat hairstyles Image: Ami Patel on Instagram This girl-next-door look never fails! Comb your hair neatly and gather it at the back of your head. You may or may not add a pouf to this with a bit of backcombing. Secure this hair look with some bobby pins, and finish up as you spritz on some hairspray. Pink lips are perfect for adding a feminine touch to your look.

4. Loose & lustrous

4 no heat hairstyles Image: Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram This easy, natural look is quite the winner, ladies. Wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Apply some serum to add some lustre to your locks and leave it all over one shoulder to look gorgeous. This will look stunning, you natural beauty!

5. Low pony love

5 no heat hairstyles Image: Sukriti Grover on Instagram How romantic does this hairstyle look? Do give this one a shot for your next date, ladies. All you have to do is create a centre parting and make a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. This should be loose enough so that the hair falls over your ears. Pull out some flicks on either side and mesmerize him like never before. *Wink*

6. Slick & smashing

6 no heat hairstyles Image: Bipasha Basu on Instagram For an extra stylish look for a night out, go for this hairstyle that Bips sported recently. Use some hair gel to create a neat, and well set, slicked back look and collect all your hair in a high ponytail. Finish up with some hairspray to tame any flyaways and to make your pony stay in place.

7. Overlap oomph

7 no heat hairstyles Image: Shutterstock Whoever said a low pony is just too simple! Amp up your style by trying this ‘ponytail with a twist’. Make a side parting and work on one side at a time. Take two sections of your hair on one side and keep overlapping them with each other (this is known as a rope braid!) till you reach the nape of your neck. Repeat the same on the other side, and then collect all your hair in a ponytail. This is sure to make your hair look stunning from every angle.

8. Wet beachy glam

8 no heat hairstyles Image: Kim Kardashian West on Instagram The set wet look is one hairdo that is bound to make you stand out in a crowd. To look as chic as Kim Kardashian, wet your hair and with the help of some gel as well as some hairspray to make it set as it is. The semi wet look can be maintained by spraying some water on your hair every now and then. Try it and get ready to get a ton of compliments.

9. Neat & classic!

9 no heat hairstyles Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram When all else fails, a simple and clean low bun will always come to the rescue. Make a deep centre parting and collect all your hair in a low bun. Secure this hairdo with some pins and hairspray, and you’re all set. Do it like Sonam, we say!

10. Twists & turns

10 no heat hairstyles Image: Mark Townsend on Instagram To add some extra oomph to your look, work only on one side of your head. Part the hair on one and make 4-5 sections on this side. Twist each of the sections and pin them up at the back. Let the rest of your hair flow freely. This will look quirky and oh-so-glam, we promise. Wear your hair this way for a night out and grab all the attention!