Mom-To-Be? 12 *Adorable* Statuses To Share The Good News!

Mom-To-Be? 12 *Adorable* Statuses To Share The Good News!
Hello mommy-to-be, and welcome to a world of madness that will begin shortly. You’re going to LOVE it! And while many women are quite hush-hush about their pregnancy, we are so excited about these 12 pregnancy announcement statuses that are the perfect way to let your friends and family know that you’re going to have a baby. Read on and take a cue, soon-to-be mommy!  

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1. Eating for two…this time for a real someone inside.

Add a pic of you eating a big slice of pizza or gorging on a big piece of cake. They’ll get the message.

2. I’m in love with someone I haven’t yet met…it kinda lives inside me.

A pic of you in deep thought or pointing to your stomach should work well with this one.

3. Shhh, baby inside.

Get it printed on a T-shirt and flaunt it. 3 pregnancy announcement statuses

4. That time of my life when I have two heartbeats inside me.

A photo of your sonogram with this one would be interesting.

5. My hubby and I are looking for baby names. Any suggestions?

Ah, so nonchalant.

6. Coming soon: Our bundle of joy

A picture of a ball of wool and knitting needles would be nice with this one. 6 pregnancy announcement statuses

7. Finallllllly….not dieting for the first time in my life…I’m pregnant! YAYYY!

A photograph of lots of food on your dining table should be good.

8. Baby room décor suggestions please?

So casual, eh?

9. Fruit of labour: Inside my tummy! *Wink*

The wink will say it all. 9 pregnancy announcement statuses

10. More midnight trips to the ice cream parlour recently. But it’s not me, it’s the baby who wants it. Seriously!

How adorable would a selfie with two ice cream cones be?!

11. There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes…we’re expecting!

The smart ones will get it.

12. I’ve stopped drinking (for the next nine months)!!

Woooohoooo! 12 pregnancy announcement statuses GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr