10 Weird Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Try - At Least Once!

10 Weird Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Try - At Least Once!
Ladies, we bet some of you already swear by a few cool beauty hacks. However, there a few out there that aren’t just weird AF, but they actually work like a charm! Give any of these super cool hacks a shot and we bet your life will change for the better. Here are 10 weird beauty hacks every girl should try once in her life! (Thank us later!)

1. Flat Beer For Glossy, Soft Hair

If you can’t chug it, don’t chuck it! Leave it out for a bit till the beer gets flat and use it as a hair rinse instead! The malt and hops in the beer are packed with protein that helps nourish and strengthen hair. The nutrients and Vitamin-B also help repair damaged hair and give it a glossy texture soon after.

2. Green Tea Bags For Plump Lips

2 weird beauty hacks We all hate cracked, chapped lips. Instead of picking up a lip balm, save the bucks and use a green tea bag instead! Green tea is packed with antioxidants to nourish your pout and prevent peeling. All you’ve got to do is dip the tea bag in warm water for 5 minutes and place the wet bag on your lips. Doing this once a week will improve your lips’ texture for the better!

3. Red Lipstick For Concealing Dark Circles

Dark circles are pretty much the bane of all of our lives. However, what if we told you that we could make those panda eyes vanish by using red lipstick? Sounds absurd, right? But it works like magic! All you’ve got to do is take some red lipstick and apply it under your eyes. Use your index finger to rub and blend it in properly. You see, the red neutralizes the darkness and conceals dark circles like a pro. Just apply your concealer on top and you’re ready to flaunt your oh-so-fresh look!

4. Charcoal For Bright White Teeth

4 weird beauty hacks Whether it’s coffee, tea or wine stains, you can now fight yellowness by simply using activated charcoal! Start by breaking and smashing 1 tablet of charcoal and pour the powder into a bowl. Add a teaspoon of water to the mix and stir till you’re left with a black, thick paste. Dab the paste on your teeth using your finger or a toothbrush and wait for 3-5 minutes. Rinse it off after. Do this once a week for a whiter, brighter smile!

5. Lemon Slices For Fresh Underarms

Sure the thought of rubbing a lemon slice on your underarm is not an everyday thing, but trust us, this will be your favourite hack soon! By simply rubbing and swiping a lemon slice across your underarms, you’re not just destroying odor-causing bacteria but also brightening your underarm area all at the same time. It’s as simple as that, girls! Just be sure to use moisturizer after, as lemon can dry out your skin.

6. Baby Powder For Fuller, Longer Lashes

6 weird beauty hacks If you want longer, fuller lashes, simply apply a layer of your favourite mascara. Then coat your lashes in baby powder. Once you’ve done that, apply a second coat of mascara. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll have longer, thicker lashes! Go ahead and flaunt them, we say!

7. Eyeshadow For Your Scalp

Want your hair to look super lush and thick? You can make that happen by simply using eyeshadow! Pick an eyeshadow that compliments your hair colour the best! After picking your shade, apply the eyeshadow where your part begins with an angled brush. Then, lift up thin sections of your hair and apply it on your scalp. Once you’re done, place your fingers at the roots of your hair and massage your scalp! This helps the powder spread naturally and set into your roots properly.   

8. Coconut Oil For Supple Skin

8 weird beauty hacks You may have used coconut oil on your hair, but we bet you’ve never tried it on your skin! This baby makes a great substitute for an expensive makeup remover and nourishes and hydrates skin at the same time! Giving you a dewy glow, it’s perfect for removing and wiping away makeup residue in the most natural way possible.  

9. Hair Conditioner For Smoother Legs

Why invest in a shaving cream when you can use your good old hair conditioner, right? Just slather some of it on your legs before you get to the shaving business. Since a hair conditioner has moisturizing properties, it helps hydrate skin and smoothens the process of shaving. You’ll notice that by using hair conditioner on your legs, the razor begins to glide smoothly and lessens the chances of getting cuts and bumps along the way.

10. Heat An Eyeliner Pencil For The Intensity Of A Gel Liner

10 weird beauty hacks Let’s face it, pencil eyeliners aren’t as pigmented and easy to apply as compared to gel liners. However, if by chance, you don’t have a gel liner with you, and your only hope is an eyeliner pencil, fear not! This hack’s gold. Simply heat the tip of the liner for about 3 seconds and viola, you have the most perfectly smooth, dark and pigmented eyeliner pencil you could ever ask for! Images: Shutterstock