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15 *Naughty* Thoughts A Girl Has When Her Guy Calls Her Over!

15 *Naughty* Thoughts A Girl Has When Her Guy Calls Her Over!

With both of you being busy bees, it becomes tough to get some *alone* time with your boyfriend. There are days when you miss him so much that sexting just won’t make the cut! You want to see him, feel him and kiss him all over. When he finally calls you over, the excitement doubles! Here are 17 naughty thoughts every girl has when her boyfriend invites her home.
1. Great! FINALLY some sexy time with my studmuffin. 1 boyfriend invites her home 2. I’ve been fantasizing about him ALL week! 3. I wonder if he knows how much I want him right now?! 3 boyfriend invites her home 4. How I even miss his prickly stubble on my neck... 5. And, of course, his hands and his soft lips all over by body. 5 boyfriend invites her home 6. Let's not forget his sinfully delicious scent... I wish I could eat him up right NOW! 7. OMG! All these naughty thoughts are making me blush. 7 boyfriend invites her home 8. He’s finally going to see me in that sexy lace bra that I’ve been saving up for him... 9. Oh! It would look even hotter if I teamed it up with matching panties. 9 boyfriend invites her home 10. Can’t wait to see his expression when I striptease for him… I should practice a bit! 11. Should I carry a condom, just in case?
12. Wait a second?! I’m pretty sure he’s got his own stock, right? 12 boyfriend invites her home 13. Chuck it! I’ll just carry one to be on the safer side. Or two… 14. Maybe this time, we should experiment with ice cubes and chocolate! 14 boyfriend invites her home 15. Or I could pick up something else while buying the condoms… 16. I should also carry an extra pair of clothes just in case I decide to crash at his place... But it has to be sexy!! 16 boyfriend invites her home 17. I’m so freakin’ excited!!! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Mar 31, 2017
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