10 Things From The #POPxoMegaGiveaway We’re Crushing On!

10 Things From The #POPxoMegaGiveaway We’re Crushing On!
We’re back and this time, bigger and better! POPxo has crossed another milestone and we can’t contain our excitement. This time, we have hit 2,50,000 subscribers on YouTube and nothing would have been possible without the support of our followers! To return the love, we have a mega giveaway planned for you, which includes gifts and goodies from our favourite makeup, fitness and fashion brands! So what are you waiting for? Participate in the contest to get your hands on some awesome stuff!

1. A goodie bag from Maybelline

We all love makeup, don’t we girls? This bag has everything that a girl needs - whether it’s a special day out with the girls or just another day in college. This goodie bag contains a total of 9 products from our favourite brand Maybelline. It includes a set of Colossal Kajals that are smudge proof and last for over 24 hours, a Push-Up Drama Mascara, Drama Gel Pencils and Liners and an eyebrow cream pencil. The highlight of the hamper is the new color sensational creamy matte lipstick, color sensational lip gradation and a superstay nail colour. We’re giving away two sets worth Rs. 5,000 each! POPxo mega giveaway 1 Follow them on Instagram here.

2. A voucher from DuaVivo

As much as we’d like to flaunt Manolos like Carrie Bradshaw did, with our budget, we can’t even think of laying our hands on cutting edge luxury brands. DuaVivo is a platform where you can buy and sell authentic pre-owned luxury items. They have stores in Delhi and Bangalore and have items that are absolutely fabulous!  We’ve giving away a voucher worth Rs. 15,000! Get your hands on these awesome luxury items and style them with a lot of sass. POPxo mega giveaway 2 Follow them on Instagram here.

3. Essentials from Chumbak

Chumbak as a brand needs no introduction. They have made it big with their collection of absolutely fun design items for home decor and fashion - things that are too hard to resist. Their goodies are perfect for every girl who loves a little bit of sugar, spice and everything nice. This goodie bag has a list of 18 things including a wallet, a bobble head, cushion covers, wall arts and keychains (to name a few!). This hamper is worth Rs. 15,000. POPxo mega giveaway 3 Follow them on Instagram here

4. Stay fit with Fitbit

Fitness is a way of life and everyone wants to feel fresh and fit to carry forward with a lot of ease. Fitbit as a company is known for wireless enabled technology which measures data such as number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep - basically, everything that involves fitness. These trackers are perfect and a must-have accessory for every girl. It’s classy, it’s trendy and it’s something that you don’t want to miss out on. We’re giving away two Fitbit Charge HRs - each worth a whopping Rs. 14,999! POPxo mega giveaway 4 Follow them on Instagram here

5. Glam shoes from ASICS

ASICS is a Japanese brand which produces footwear and sports equipment that are just awesome! Get fit in style with shoes that can be won separately by entering this contest. FuzeX Rush (worth Rs 8,999) are lightweight comfy shoes built for workouts. The shoes have a gel property for ultimate shock absorption. The second pair that we’re giving away is the FIT YUI (worth Rs 6,999) which is designed to support all kinds of women’s workouts. Its flexibility provides total freedom of movement with a lot of comfort. Not to forget how amazing they look! These goodies are worth Rs. 15,998! POPxo mega giveaway 5 Follow them on Instagram here

6. Makeup goodies from NYX

NYX is one of our favourite makeup brands! They have products that are not only affordable but absolutely drool worthy. We’re giving away two hampers, one of which includes items such as a foundation, a body bronzer, mascara, body butter and amazing lipsticks. The second hamper includes a contour kit, lipsticks, eye pencil etc. Makeup is every girl’s best friend and a list of things that includes all these is just too hard to resist. The hampers are worth Rs.10,000 each. POPxo mega giveaway 6 Follow them on Instagram here

7. Voucher from Naturalizer

Naturalizer shoes combine current fashion with comfort features. With rich leathers and unique details, it captures the essence of modern femininity, whether that means taking a leisurely walk in velvet ballet flats or running a board meeting in black leather pumps! Naturalizer’s chic and super stylish designs will fit smoothly with your wardrobe, your life and your own unique style. The gift bag includes a voucher worth Rs. 10,000 from Naturalizer, which is available at Bata stores. POPxo mega giveaway 7 Follow them on Instagram here.

8. Awesome speakers from Logitech

Logitech creates products that are used by people in their everyday life. Things such as speakers, games, and even computing. These products are absolutely A-class and are perfect for every tech lover. The gift pack includes a UE ROLL 2 speaker which is a must for every girl because, music never lets you down! These speakers are equipped with a bungee cord loop which makes the speakers portable. You can carry it everywhere so that you are never without music. Two winners will get a speaker worth Rs. 9,000 each. POPxo mega giveaway 8 Follow them on Instagram here

9. Vouchers from StalkBuyLove

StalkBuyLove is an online fashion forum which has clothes that we just can’t stop lusting after. From trendy dresses to classic jumpsuits, they have it all! Get your hands on clothes that are so awesome and will rescue you in every occasion. They are affordable and are absolutely everything you would want in your wardrobe. We’re giving away two vouchers worth Rs. 5,000! POPxo mega giveaway 9 Follow them on Instagram here

10. Hamper from L’Oreal Professionnel

L’Oreal Professionnel, delivers sophisticated and high value products and services connected to the latest hair trends. Flaunt flawlessly perfect hair with a line of high performing hair care products. So, whether it’s achieving perfect smoothness for rebellious hair, instant reconstruction for damaged hair, locking-in color radiance or a scalp concern, there’s a targeted solution for all hair types. L’Oreal Professionnel also brings to you a range of professional, styling formulas, with TecniArt – the toolkit of the world’s greatest hairstylists. Break all rules of hairstyling and recreate the latest on-trend looks with the most-loved styling range used backstage during fashion week. We’re glad to announce that we are giving away two hampers containing these fab products worth Rs. 10,000 each! POPxo mega giveaway 10 Follow them on Instagram here
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The rules of the #POPxoMegaGiveaway are as follows:
  1. You can only participate if you are 18+
  2. The contest is only open for girls
  3. You must be living in India
  4. You HAVE to subscribe to our YouTube channels:
- POPxoTV - POPxoYum (www.youtube.com/popxoyum)
  1. You HAVE to download the POPxo app:
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  1. You have to follow our Instagram page (@popxodaily): https://www.instagram.com/popxodaily/
  2. You HAVE to fill out a form: https://goo.gl/forms/8uPIEbu2DO4dRq9F3
  3. Show some LOVE to the awesome BRANDS that are taking part in the giveaway by liking their social media pages
  4. Once you have done the above things, come back to THIS video and comment “DONE”. Comment only and only on this video.
  5. You will ONLY be considered for the giveaway if you do every single one of the things mentioned above
  6. For extra brownie points you can head over to Instagram and tell us which prize you would like to win and why. Remember to tag #POPxoMegaGiveaway and the brand!
More Information:
  1. The contest entries start NOW and the contest CLOSES on 10 March at 6 pm.
  2. The winners will be announced on 17 March at 6 pm. We will pick winners randomly (one product for each winner) and the gifts will be assigned randomly.
  3. The names of the winners will be added to the DESCRIPTION of this video. We will also call up the winners to tell them that they’ve won.
  4. POPxo employees & their immediate family members are not eligible to enter this giveaway.
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