11 *New* Beauty Brands EVERY Girl Needs To Know About!

11 *New* Beauty Brands EVERY Girl Needs To Know About!
When it comes to new beauty brands and products, all of us ladies want to stay updated and try out all the hot-selling items. And we’re here to ensure that each of you is up to date and totally clued into all the new stuff out there in the beauty section. So we present to you a list of 10 relatively recent but awesome beauty brands that seriously need to be on your radar and should be added to your must-try list, if they aren’t already. Have a look, beautiful!

1. Kylie Cosmetics

1 new beauty brands Image: Kylie Cosmetics on Instagram Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we can’t help but be slightly enamoured by trendsetting styles of the Kardashians and Jenner clan. So it’s only obvious that when one of them comes out with a makeup line, the products sell like hot cakes! Kylie Cosmetics is a recent ‘it’ makeup brand by none other than Kylie Jenner that has gained unbelievable amounts of popularity in the relatively short time that it has been around. Her matte lip kits, stunning eyeshadows, eyeliners and the just-launched Kylighters (highlighters) in multiple shades are all a must-try, ladies.

2. YBP Cosmetics

2 new beauty brands Image: YBP Cosmetics on Instagram The ever-so-popular beauty blender is quite the hot favourite tool as it blends foundation beautifully for a naturally, flawless finish. Enter tt’s desi counterpart, introduced by this new brand called YBP Cosmetics. This high quality makeup sponge works like magic, ladies, use it to blend everything from foundation to highlighter and even use it to ace that contoured look. Grab one for yourself already and transform your makeup routine forever!

3. Plum

3 new beauty brands

Image: Plum on Instagram This Indian beauty brand boasts of being 100% vegan and its products are free of parabens - now who wouldn’t like that?! The wide range of creams, serums, makeup products and face masks at Plum are totally worth trying, we say, plus they’re well-suited for sensitive skin too. Their kajals have definitely become a favourite!

4. Huda Beauty

4 new beauty brands Image: Huda Beauty on Instagram This must-try brand was founded by Arab-American, Huda Kattan, who started out as a makeup artist and beauty blogger based out of Dubai. She gradually started her line of cosmetics and her sister Alya became the first investor for Huda Beauty. From iconic false lashes to gorgeous lipsticks and eyeshadows, Huda Beauty has gained worldwide popularity. Her matte lip glosses and false eyelashes are hot sellers - why not give these a shot, ladies?

5. Nykaa

5 new beauty brands Image: Nykaa on Instagram Most of us have heard of this online beauty store and have shopped for various makeup brands and products from their website. However, ladies, Nykaa’s own makeup collections that have launched recently are pretty awesome. Right from their matte nail paints in all sorts of yummy colours to their crayon lip tints - try it to believe it, we say.

6. 3ina

6 new beauty brands

Image: 3ina on Instagram This cruelty-free beauty brand was recently launched in India and has a phenomenal range of everything from skincare products to eye makeup and lip colours - you name it! 3ina caters to  all of those willing to experiment with their look, try out different shades and textures in makeup items as well as pamper their skin right.

7. Louboutin Beauty

7 new beauty brands Image: Christian Louboutin on Instagram Christian Louboutin is known for his uber glam red-sole shoes and stylish bags. So when this designer came out with a range of cosmetics, all makeup lovers were pretty much in awe of them. The fiery red lip colours and pop coloured nail polishes are so dreamy, ladies. Plus, the bottles are so beautiful, you’ll want to buy them just because they’ll look so gorgeous on your dresser.

8. PAC Cosmetics

8 new beauty brands Image: PAC Cosmetics on Instagram Makeup products by PAC Cosmetics complement the Indian skin tone beautifully. The bold and expressive colours offered by this brand are definitely worth giving a shot. Started out by Martha Tilaar, the aim of this brand is to become a pioneer in Asian makeup by providing topmost quality. We think their products are definitely worth trying.

9. Just Herbs

9 new beauty brands Image: Just Herbs India on Instagram The organic and ayurvedic skin and hair care products by Just Herbs are ones to swear by, ladies. This India-based brand uses organic ingredients to create magical products like sandalwood ubtans, rose face packs, green tea and cucumber eye creams, et al. If you like to use natural products for your skin and hair, try these now! In fact, just get in touch with them on the number provided in their Instagram bio for a customized skin and product consultation.

10. Innisfree

10 new beauty brands Made from natural ingredients brought from the pristine island of Jeju, Innisfree stores recently opened up in India. The organic ingredients of this Korean brand are packed in eco-friendly jars and are quite a popular choice among those looking to give their skin some TLC. From face washes to masks to serums to eye creams - pamper your skin with these, won’t you?

11. Anatomicals

11 new beauty brands Image: Anatomicals on Instagram This cruelty-free British beauty brand is quite the rage with its multiple bath products and skin and hair care ones too. Anatomicals’ lip balms and lotions are hits in particular, thanks to their moisture content and soothing effect on the skin and lips. The ultra hydrating masks are worth giving a try too. Check these out, ladies, not just for their great products but also for their funky packaging too! Image: Shutterstock