10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Clothes Looking *New* - ALWAYS!

10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Clothes Looking *New* - ALWAYS!
Can’t stop thinking about that wine-stained top you ruined when you were out partying? Or that leather skirt you wanted to wear for a date night, but now looks weathered? We all have a few favourite fashion items that we never ever want to part with. Consider those worries gone! Here are 10 tips and tricks to keep your old fashion items brand new!

1. Hair conditioner to soften woollens

1 keep your old fashion items brand new Washing your woollens? Just add one pump of your regular hair conditioner to the wash... Or mix it with your detergent and make a paste. The conditioner nullifies the harshness of the detergent and keeps the woollens from losing that soft furry feeling. We recommend using this hack for your delicate lingerie as well!

2. Vinegar to keep your denims from fading

Did you know that vinegar has the power to set the dye in your jeans and stop them from fading so soon? The first thing to do is to turn them inside out, and put them in a bucket of warm water. Next, add 3 tbsp of vinegar and a tbsp of salt to it. Dip your jeans for 10-15 minutes and dry them. This will ensure your jeans stay new and retain their colour for a longer period.

3. A razor to clean suede

3 keep your old fashion items brand new Yes, we're talking about your fave black suede heels that have gotten dirty and look like they’re impossible to clean. But guess what? You can totally get rid of all that dirt without spending a bomb. Buy a razor and carefully shave off a layer of suede that making it look dirty. Voila, just like that, you have a new pair of heels!

4. Window cleanser to keep your fav leather jacket shiny

Leather, both real and faux, has a very typical shine to it that fades away with time. It may be because of the dust that settles on the fabric.. Also, it generally happens as the the leather ages. You can keep the shininess of the leather skirts and shoes intact by cleaning its surface with a window cleaning agent (such as Colin).

5. Carbonated water for those harsh stains

5 keep your old fashion items brand new Carbonated water is extremely useful when you’re trying to remove harsh stains from your clothes. Be it blood stains, or just a stubborn food stain. It’s really sad when it happens to your favourite t-shirt or dress and you feel like you can no longer wear it. Mix equal parts carbonated water and still water and dip the stained area in the mix for up to ten minutes. Rub well to remove. You can thank us later!

6. Baking soda to get the stark white look back

We’ve all done this as a kid and it really does work brilliantly well. Mix some baking soda, water and hydrogen peroxide together and make a smooth paste. Apply it on your shoes and let them dry in the sun for 4-5 hours. The paste will crack and you can dust it off with a brush for white shoes, bags and other things!

7. Starch for some extra stiffness

7 keep your old fashion items brand new Soak rice in water, then use the leftover water to starch your old, ill-fitted clothes and give them a new lease of life. Fabrics absorb the starch from rice water which gives them a stiff finish. This trick works excellently on linens and cottons that have aged with time. In fact, many of you might remember it as your mother’s ‘lil trick to add ‘charak’ to her sarees.  

8. Velcro to remove pilling

Remove pilling from your clothes by pressing the velcro on the fabric and pulling it off. This is an easy peasy and instant way to make sure what you're wearing looks smooth!

9. Get the shine back with white vinegar

9 keep your old fashion items brand new If your raw silk sarees and silk blouses are losing their shine and softness, dip them in a bucket of water and add a cap full of white vinegar. Leave them in for 30 minutes or so and dry them in the shade, away from direct sunlight. The next time you wear them, they’ll be soft and shiny again!

10. Powder to get rid of oil stains

This one is to remove oil stains or curry stains from your favourite piece of clothing. This might not be a permanent fix but if used immediately, you can get rid off the oil blotch eventually. The powder absorbs the oil and helps blotch it out. For maximum effect, you can repeat the process after some time. Images: Shutterstock