gestures that mean more than i love you

10 Intimate Gestures That Are As Special As Saying ‘I Love You’

Somya Suresh

Guest Contributor

We’re sure you and your boyfriend are really happy and love expressing your love to each other. But have you ever wondered if there was a way to express your love in a different way...some way other than just the usual? Well, here are 10 gestures that mean more than I love you and will definitely make his heart melt!

1. Plan his dream trip

We’re sure he has that one destination he wants to go with you, right? Sneakily plan a trip to this destination. Book the tickets, book the hotel and book him for yourself! #SealTheDeal

1 gestures that mean more than i love you

2. Offer him a massage

And a sexy one at that. Let him know that you want to relieve his stress in the sexiest possible manner!

3. Shower with him

Surprise him by asking him if you can join him in the shower. Offer to wash his hair, scrub his back… He'll love the TLC, ladies!

3 gestures that mean more than i love you

4. Give him a spare key to your place

If you have a place of your own, there isn't a bigger gesture than this. He will understand that you trust him more than anyone else!

5. Tell him your Netflix password

If he's travelling or just really bored, sharing your Netflix password with him will make his day! He'll know that you genuinely care about him.

5 gestures that mean more than i love you

6. Care for him when he is sick

Even if you get his fever in return! If you take care of him with love, hot towels and comfort food when he’s sick, it will mean the world to him.

7. Throw him an intimate surprise

It doesn’t have to be a big party or an elaborate affair. Just get his favourite food, a crate of beer and invite his best friends for a chilled out night at home. He will be over the moon!

7 gestures that mean more than i love you

8. Drop him a sext…

In the middle of the day! When he least expects it or that time of the day when you know he could do with a distraction. He'll love you for knowing exactly what he needs and when!

9. Make him listen to your fave song

Send him the link and tell him, ‘You have to listen to this now!’ It makes him feel that you’re thinking about him even when he's not with you. And that really matters to him!

9 gestures that mean more than i love you

10. Kiss him on his forehead

Make him feel like he's being looked after. There’s something about a gentle peck that screams, ‘I love you’ better than a steamy smooch. Don't you agree?

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Published on Mar 16, 2017
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