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10 Secrets Of Women Who *Always* Smell Like A Dream!

10 Secrets Of Women Who *Always* Smell Like A Dream!
Don’t you wish you could be like one of those girls who ALWAYS smell fresh as a daisy? You’re not the only one who feels this way. These women who smell like a bouquet of fresh roses, swear by a few beauty habits. If you want to know what’s their secret, we’re about to spill the beans. Here are 10 secrets of women who *always* smell good no matter what time of the day it is! (Psst… You’re welcome!)

1. They Literally Let Their Closets Breath!

Truth be told, even though you wash your clothes after every wear, they don’t always smell like a fresh batch of cookies after lying in your closet for awhile. Pick up a fabric freshener and just spritz it around your wardrobe and clothes. From time to time, keep your closet open for awhile so that the stagnant air is released and fresh air circulates within. Isn’t that a genius hack or what?!

2. They Pamper Their Skin

2 smell good Women who smell delicious know for a fact that dry skin won’t retain fragrances for long. That’s why they keep their skin hydrated and moisturized to perfection. Make it a point to keep your skin moisturized at all times, simply because fragrances not only linger on healthy skin for a longer period of time, but also smell stronger and better on moisturized skin.

3. They Never Rub The Fragrance On Their Body

If you notice, a woman who knows her perfume, will never rub or spread the fragrance once she’s applied it. Avoid this because it can wipe off or diminish the effect of the top notes, leaving behind the middle and base notes, which give off a fainter scent. Girls who smell great always spray smart - at the back of the knees, on the wrists, sides of the neck, below the midriff area and the inside of the elbows. These pulse points help diffuse the scent.

4. They LOVE Using Scented Products

4 smell good It’s only when you’re in a fresh environment can you smell fresh as well. Invest in perfume sachets, candle diffusers and fabric fresheners. Since scented sachets are made of a material that’s designed to not just absorb bad odor, but also spread fragrance at the time, it’s only obvious to place them in your wardrobe, and drawers where you stack your lingerie and socks. You can use the candle diffuser in your room and spray the fabric freshener on your bedsheets, pillowcases and the couch.

5. They Practice Good Hygiene

From using dental floss after meals to taking daily showers, these women like to scrub-a-dub-dub in the shower! Keeping your body clean, fresh and yummylicious should always be a topmost priority. Trust us, when you feel fresh, you automatically smell fantastic! So, when are you hitting the shower next?

6. They’re ALWAYS Prepared For The Worst

6 smell good Whether it’s a box of breath mints or a roll-on perfume, a smart lady always comes prepared. While travelling, having wet wipes, foot spray, oil blotting paper and baby powder in your bag is a good idea. Products like dry shampoo to keep unwashed locks smelling great and scented creams so that your skin feels supple and smells divine at the same time are great investments.

7. They Pay Attention To What They Eat & Drink

Sure, we all have days when we crave for foods rich in spices, garlic, cheese and onions, but it’s important to know when to say no. Food that contains those ingredients cause body odour, bad breath and tend to take a toll on the skin’s texture in the long run. Try and eat healthy as much as possible and relish veggies, fruits, white meat and choose water over aerated drinks and alcohol.

8. They Know The Perfect Time To Spray It

8 smell good Did you know that perfume is best absorbed and most effective when the skin is slightly damp? Women who smell delicious know that for a fact! They also know that when skin is damp, the moisture helps lock the scent in. Spritzing on your fave fragrance as soon as you step out of the shower is a great way to ensure you smell fab.

9. They’ve Perfected The Art Of Layering

These women know that perfumes come in different forms - soaps, lotions, creams, body washes and oils. You can use a few of these products of the same fragrance or products containing similar notes. The tip that they follow is that they wear a few of them together. This creates a build up of the scent and is one of those sure-shot ways of making her smell like a dream all day long.

10. They Know Their Signature Scent

10 smell good Only a woman who is passionate about perfumes will be able to tell you what to consider before buying one. After all, it is a beauty investment so it’s right to be picking about it. A smart woman would try many scents and take samples home and try them for a couple of days (remember, fragrances can smell a bit different after a few hours). Only after you’re sure, should you make a decision. After purchasing, make sure to store them in cool and dry places as the heat and humidity could destroy the contents of an expensive perfume. Images: Shutterstock