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The First Time We Hooked Up… While His Family Was Home!

The First Time We Hooked Up… While His Family Was Home!
I recently met a guy through a mutual friend who set us up on a date. He was super cute and single and I was...well, single. We met for dinner where our friend introduced us and soon left, to give us some ‘alone’ time. We met only because both of us were looking for something casual that wouldn’t take a toll on our life. Something effortless and easy where we won’t have to think about the other person at all! It was the first time I was going out with someone completely new to me. Someone I knew nothing about and I was excited, to say the least. The night turned out to be much less awkward than I expected. We spoke about everything and drank quite a bit, and by the end of the night, we were both stumbling out of the bar, holding hands. He asked me if I wanted to spend the night at his place instead of heading to my friend’s. After giving it some thought, I agreed… I mean, he had been a gentleman all evening and this is how hook ups are supposed to work, right?
So, half an hour later, a little drunk but mostly laughing at our silly antics, we ended up at his place. Now, I should mention that I had assumed nobody would be at his place and that was primarily the reason he was inviting me over. Internal stayed at his place We were in his bedroom, making things a little hot and heavy when I excused myself to go to the washroom. It was right opposite his room so I went out but stopped when I heard a noise from the room right next to his, but disregarded it anyway. When I came out, however, I saw that the door of the other room was open and there was a woman sitting in that room. I rushed into his room and told him, ‘There’s someone in that room’.  He replied casually, ‘Yup… That must be my mom’. ‘Your mom? Your mother is home?!’, I exclaimed. ‘Yeah…’ he replied, looking at me like I was deranged. ‘In fact, I should let her know I’m home if she’s still awake,’ he said and went and knocked on his mother’s bedroom door. I sat under his blanket, mostly confused. I heard them murmur in the other room and then…his mother walked in! I looked at her with scared eyes, my jacket and shoes were strewn on the floor and I could feel my face starting to turn red as her eyes took it all in, before she said, ‘Hello, beta. Did you guys just reach?’
By now, I was thinking this was a bad idea, considering the fact that I was still a little tipsy. I managed to make some small talk with her before she went back to her room, wishing us goodnight. But that was not all, I was just trying to wrap my head around his mother being in the other room when there was another knock on the door and this time it was his grandmother! I was glad that she was a little scandalized to see me and didn’t talk to me when she saw me under the blanket with her grandson! I folded my hands to greet her but she left promptly without properly acknowledging me. I sat there for a while, trying to make sense of what was happening around me. ‘Your family meets every woman in your life, like this?’ I asked. ‘Well, they’re chill so yes, mostly!’ he replied. I slept in his room but all night I couldn’t help but think how embarrassing the next morning was going to be! Thankfully, his mother had already left for work by the time we woke up and I managed to get out without really talking to his grandmother! Nevertheless, I was left scandalized and embarrassed for almost a week after that! So, this is how I stayed at his place on our first ever hook up and ended up meeting his family! In retrospect, it was quite hilarious but in that moment I couldn’t think of anything worse happening!
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