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13 Stages Of Lehenga Shopping EVERY Bride-To-Be Will Relate To!

13 Stages Of Lehenga Shopping EVERY Bride-To-Be Will Relate To!
‘Mai shaadi karungi toh kareena wala designer lehenga pehenke karungi!’ And trust us, it’s not just Kavya from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Every bride-to-be is guilty of going just a teeny bit overboard with her shaadi shopping… especially the outfits! So girls, if you’re about to get married, here are 13 stages of bridal lehenga shopping that you’ll totally relate to. And besties of brides-to-be, you too need to read this… just to understand your girl a little better!

1. It starts pretty soon

Even before the wedding date is fixed! As far as the shaadi is happening, the lehenga planning needs to start. After all, you only get married once! 1 bridal lehenga shopping

2. Pinterest is your best friend

And Instagram and Facebook and POPxo! Because itna saara designer inspiration, where else will you find? From following designers and creating boards, you are on your phone all through the day to find that one fab design.

3. When you finally hit the market…

… it’s nothing like you’d imagined! Everything looks so different and you either like nothing or end up loving every second lehenga the salesman shows you. Uff, so much confusion! 3 bridal lehenga shopping

4. All hail WhatsApp!

‘Cause how else would you be able to make a group with your sister and besties and send pictures. But guess what, with more minds at work, the task only gets tougher!

5. Budget is such a spoiler!

Because for some reason you only end up liking stuff that is way beyond your budget! But that just means you need to look more. So there begins the store hopping. You and your brigade will not rest till you’ve seen every piece in every shop of every market. 5 bridal lehenga shopping

6. But it’s also fun!

You have your mom and sis and maasi, bua, bestie, aunt, all tagging along. It’s like one big party! And the shop wallahs always offer you chaat and chai which no one can say no to.

7. You also end up befriending the shopkeeper

Because you keep going back again and again to at least one shop. And you spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours sitting there. It’s your favorite weekend scene now. Plus, to see them drape the lehenga around their waists is just so entertaining! 7 bridal lehenga shopping

8. Trials are so NOT tiring

Oh who doesn’t want to slip into gorgeous outfits every other day! And surprisingly (and annoyingly!) each member of your shaadi shopping brigade has a different opinion.

9. But when you finally purchase that gorge lehenga!

It’s the best feeling ever! To pay that advance amount as your dream lehenga gets carefully customized especially for you. Badhai ho badhai! 9 bridal lehenga shopping

10. Wait… there's more!

‘Cause you’re going to have at least one of those moments when you feel like you’ve made the wrong decision. #SlowlyBecomingABridezilla

11. Fittings begin!

So the basic lehenga is ready and you’re called for your fittings. And ladies, it’s no less than an event for your family. The first look and you’re floored. And you see a tiny little tear trickle down your mom's cheeks. 11 bridal lehenga shopping

12. Masterji, two inches aur tight

Because every bride-to-be feels she’s going to shed a few more inches by the time it’s D-day! You find yourself going all out before it’s time for the last and final fitting.

13. A beautiful bride

Whether you’ve received the final outfit or not, you dream about it every single night. And don’t you worry girl, because you’re going to make an absolutely beautiful bride. 13 bridal lehenga shopping GIFs: Tumblr