#HeSays: 11 ‘Props’ Guys *Really* Want To Use In Bed With You! | POPxo

#HeSays: 11 ‘Props’ Guys *Really* Want To Use In Bed With You!

#HeSays: 11 ‘Props’ Guys *Really* Want To Use In Bed With You!
Ladies, we really, really enjoy sex with you. It's just amazing. But if given the option to sexperiment a bit, we would still jump at the chance, of course. So here are a few props guys want to use in bed with you - but might never ask to!

1. Feathers to tease you with

What?! We know it sounds a bit weird, but it's something worth trying considering how much people rave about it. Don't you agree?

2. Hold you captive with handcuffs

Come on, this one is a classic. We can't wait to handcuff you to the bed one time and just have our way with your body.

3. Whipped cream

From the can - onto your body. And then our tongue… You get the picture, right?! 3 props guys want to use in bed

4. Massage oil to get a bit messy

Preferably the edible kind. That's one mess we really want to find ourselves in!

5. Taking turns with blindfolds

We're actually as excited about you using a blindfold on us as we are about using one on you.

6. Vibrating rings

The exist for a reason - and that reason is to pleasure both you and and us at the same time!! 6 props guys want to use in bed

7. Ropes to tie you with

Hey, we've seen the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker and we dig some of the things they do in it.

8. Champagne for two

To drink and to drop - on every part of your body we can reach!  

9. Lingerie and the works

We mean the whole shabang - garter, stockings… And some sexy stilettos on you too, please? 9 props guys want to use in bed

10. A ruler to spank you with

We'll go easy on you, we swear. To start with at least…

11. Masks to add mystery

And costumes to go along with too, if you like. We're pretty flexible that way! Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr