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#MyStory: How My Boyfriend & I Had Sex… On A Plane!

#MyStory: How My Boyfriend & I Had Sex… On A Plane!
On a long haul flight back from the States, I managed to tick something off my bucket list that most people never do... To have sex on a plane! It all started off like a normal flight. I and my boyfriend were travelling together. We watched our movies, ate our food, and tried to sleep. After our first flight, we had a connecting flight to Dubai where our seats got moved up to the ones right behind the cabin. My boyfriend was super happy to have the extra leg room and I was happy that we’ll be able to get out of the plane quickly! It was a 5am flight, and most people passed out as soon as the flight took off. Even the stewards looked exhausted and sleepy. I put on a movie, ordered some wine, deciding to make the most of the in-flight entertainment available. While I was enjoying, my boyfriend was busy sending work emails. Midway through my movie and two wines later, he got up to walk around and use the washroom. We were sitting just below the stairs that lead to the first class cabin and there was also a set of stairs in the front that lead to the washrooms. He returned to the seat and gestured to take off my headphones.
‘Everyone's asleep…’ he said. ‘Ya, so?’ I responded, wondering why he interrupted my movie to tell me such an obvious thing. ‘No... Just look around- everyone is asleep and the entire crew is at the back of the plane sorting stuff out. I just saw that when I went for a walk.’ ‘Okay, so?’ I said, again, still not understanding what he was trying to imply! ‘So…’ he said, hoping this would enlighten me! ‘Uff, what yar Saurabh?’ I said, getting visibly annoyed by now. ‘Babe, why aren't you understanding?! There's a washroom right in front of us. Look carefully, the same staircase has two toilets. That means if I go up the same staircase and you do too, then people (who are anyway asleep) will just think we're going to separate loos! But, we don't have to!’ Internal sex on a plane I didn't have to reply or question him this time because I knew exactly what he was talking about… He wanted me to join the mile high club with him! Now, I'm not one for frisky, risky things, but this is a situation that rarely presents itself and really made me think, ‘Let's do it!’
I won't lie, it wasn't spontaneously sexy. We sat for the next 15 minutes seeing if everyone was asleep or if any crew was lurking around on this side of the cabin. I decided to go first. Unbuckling my belt and gulping down the last of my wine - I climbed up the stairs and went inside the loo. To my surprise, it was actually pretty roomy. And I thought to myself, ‘Obstacle number 1 - overcome!’ I freshened up and waited for the inevitable knock on the door. We had decided to go for a special knock so as to avoid any confusion. I waited for around three minutes and then started to panic! What if he had changed his mind and wasn't coming? What if someone was outside? What if the crew heard us planning? ‘Knock knock knock’ I heard, finally! I slid the lock the other way and opened a crack in the door... It was him, phew! He slipped in and locked the door behind him. The adrenaline rush had left us speechless and excited. Clothes ripped off in seconds as we clambered over one another kissing in frantic excitement! Realising we didn't have a lot of time, we figured it would be best for me to sit on him. It wasn't the most romantic place we had ever had sex, but it was exhilarating! I looked down at him and I was pretty surprised to see that he was ready for some action. Before I knew, he had hoisted me up and was entering me with my back towards the wall… And things got wet and wild from there. I don't even know if we were making noises that could be heard outside because at this point, I didn't care! After we finished and got our clothes back on, each of us took turns to sort our dishevelled appearances - and then it was time to go back outside. This was the part of the plan we hadn't thought about! There is no possible way to see what's on the other side of that door! My mind went into panic mode again and started thinking what if someone had been waiting? What if the whole crew was outside waiting to shame us? Aaaah! I took a deep breath as Saurabh opened the door and left in a very stealthy and suave fashion. I might add… He clearly felt like he pulled off a James Bond move. Realising the coast was clear... I slipped out a minute later. We returned to our seats and it truly seemed like we managed to accomplish an in-flight mission! And I'm glad we did what we did, when we could do it because the stewards started to come just ten minutes later, waking people up for some coffee and tea.
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