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10 Genius Fashion Tricks To Make Your Tummy Look Flatter!

10 Genius Fashion Tricks To Make Your Tummy Look Flatter!

Which girl doesn’t dream of a trim waist and to-die-for abs? But let’s face it, we love the idea of having a flat stomach as much as we love pizza! Come on, we get one life and it’s absolutely unfair to not eat pizza or binge on chocolate cake! And while all of us may not be blessed with a naturally flat stomach, there are a few fashion tricks to help you fake a flatter looking tummy. Follow these sneaky dressing tips to fake it until you make it! *Wink*

1. Hello, High Waist!

1 flatter looking tummy Never invest in low rise pants or skirts. Choose mid or high waisted bottoms instead! They minimize the trouble areas, making your waist look smaller and give more definition to your curves when paired with slightly loose tops.

2. Try Peplum Tops And Dresses

2 flatter looking tummy Peplums are every curvy girl’s saviour! While they may be ideal for girls with a pear shaped body, they also do a good job at hiding belly fat so stylishly. A peplum top with high waist pants or a peplum dress, for instance, will accentuate your curves and draw attention to all the right places!

3. Befriend Dark Colours!

3 flatter looking tummy Now that’s a no brainer! We’re pretty sure all of you must’ve already tried experimenting with darker shades to give your tummy a flatter look. Darker colours are the best options when you’re planning to wear a well-fitted top or dress.

4. Highlight Your Waist

4 flatter looking tummy Empire waist tops and A-line dresses are perfect for you. You can also team up your basic shirt dresses with a belt around your waist and up your style game instantly! All of these help make your waist look smaller and bring an hourglass effect to your frame, which is perfect!

5. The Right Kinda Tops!

5 flatter looking tummy While peplum tops may be awesome, we can’t wear them every day. For daily usage, you need comfy yet stylish tops that make your tummy look slimmer. Slightly loose V-neck tops that cut off at your hips are made for you! The V-neckline will draw attention to your bust and collarbones instead of your tummy! Dramatic tops with frills around the tummy area will also work for you!

6. Stay Away From Skinny Jeans

6 flatter looking tummy Skinny jeans will make your tummy look bigger in comparison with the rest of your body. Instead, go for bootcut or straight fit jeans that make your body look proportionate and minimize the tummy area. A high waisted version of these pants will also add a few extra inches to your height, making you look several pounds lighter instantly!

7. Layer Up…

7 flatter looking tummy Layering up will forever work for you! Especially when you’re in the mood to wear a well-fitted top or a dress. Pair it with a structured blazer or a jacket and see how your look goes from drab to fab in no time!

8. Accessories Are Your Best Friends!

8 flatter looking tummy Accessories play a huge role in drawing attention away from the tummy area. A statement necklace will attract all the attention and you won’t have to worry about your tummy anymore. So don’t forget to dress up your neck or flaunt shoulder-grazing danglers.

9. The Perfect Posture

9 flatter looking tummy Your posture goes a long way in making your tummy look flatter as a bad posture can make your stomach bulge out. Always sit with your back straight and butt out to create an illusion of a slimmer stomach. This technique will also help you tighten your stomach over time. Plus, slouching never looks good!

10. Give Body Shapers A Shot!

10 flatter looking tummy Because, why not? There’s a reason so many people trust body shapers with bodycon dresses and well-fitted tops. They do a great job at minimizing the belly bulge and accentuating curves. So go ahead and invest in a corset or two. It’s time to give them a shot, ladies!
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Published on Feb 6, 2017
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