10 AMAZING Eyeliner Techniques Every Girl Should Know!

10 AMAZING Eyeliner Techniques Every Girl Should Know!
Ladies, we all know that eyeliner is an essential when it comes to makeup. A single flick can completely change your look and sometimes, it’ll all the makeup you need to feel great. To get your eyeliner game on point, we have come up with 10 genius and amazing eyeliner techniques that can help you with achieving that perfect eye look. Try these now, to achieve that *perfect* look.

1. Can’t go wrong with classic eyeliner

1 eyeliner techniques The best time to wear your classic eyeliner is during the day. It’s subtle and gives enough emphasis to your peepers without overdoing it. How to do it: Begin by drawing either dots or dashes, starting from the inner corner of your eyelids to the outer edge. Join these dots and thicken the line as much as you want and you’ll be ready for the day.

2. Ace those tricky liquid liners

2 eyeliner techniques Some eyeliners can be a bit difficult to use and liquid liners top that list. They’re awesome for giving you a super dark, dramatic and professional look. But if you find them super intimidating, don’t worry, all it takes is a little practice to perfect using one and making your eyes look better than they ever have. How to do it: What you can do is, line your eyes with a pencil liner first, and then trace over it with your liquid eyeliner to avoid mistakes and get the hang of it.

3. Get the perfect flick

3 eyeliner techniques Always wanted to get the perfect cat eye flick? But somehow you end up messing it up? Chill, ladies, it happens to the best of us.
How to do it: For this technique, you need your eyeliner and some tape. Stick it on under the corner of your eye, in a diagonal direction, where you want the slant of your flick to be. The tape will let you achieve the perfect cat eye look as it will give you a straight line to draw over and there are fewer chances for you to mess it up. After you’re done making the lines, just add thickness above your lid and remove the tape! Voila, your perfect cat eye flick is ready!

4. Two wings seal the deal

4 eyeliner techniques Take your normal cat eye flick up a notch by making two flicks. Sounds, interesting, right? This look is oh-so-perfect for weddings and day parties and is easy to achieve for an extra shot of glam. How to do it: Line your upper lashline with a black eyeliner and create a wing with the method mentioned above. After you’re done with the basics, extend a small, sleek wing starting from the corner of your bottom lash line, just below the first flick See, so easy to do and looks super sexy at the same time. Watch the tutorial here.

5. White liner to make your eyes pop

5 eyeliner techniques Ladies, a white liner can be a bit tricky, but when done right can help brighten your eyes and make them look awake and fresh.. How to do it: To look absolutely amazing with white eyeliner, start from the inner corner of your eyelid and work your way outward. A white liner makes your eyes look big and is perfect if you have small eyes. Make sure you do not skip applying the mascara otherwise you will end up looking like a ghost. This is such a perfect eyeliner style for all those crazy girls’ night outs, isn’t it?

6. Did someone say smoky eyes?

6 eyeliner techniques We all know how sultry and mesmerizing a classic smokey eye can be. You can pull it off at parties or weddings and believe us, it will certainly help take your look up a few notches. How to do it: Sweep grey eyeshadow across your lids, up to your crease. Then apply a darker shade (or even black) shadow towards the outer corners and upper parts of your crease. Blend it all in well. Draw a thick line (or even a cat eye, if you want) on your lids using your eyeliner. Wet your eye brush and dip it into the grey or black eyeshadow and line your lower waterline with it. Take a smudger and keep smudging till you get the desired look.

7. Shine bright like a diamond

7 eyeliner techniques If you are kinda bored with your usual black eyeliner look, take it up a notch by using a metallic eyeliner to shine at all the parties. Metallic everything is all the rage, so try it for a stunning look that is so on-point!
How to do it: You might be excited to use this shiny liquid on your eyes but girls, don’t go overboard with it. Just a sleek flick will do the job. It’s better to go with a gold, silver or bronze eyeliner and start from the inner corner of your eyes. Make sure to decrease the thickness as you move towards the outer edge. Don’t forget to finish off with mascara for oodles of glam!

8. It’s all about the layers

8 eyeliner techniques Have you been noticing all these layered eyeliner trends on every social media platform and wondering if you can pull it off? Yes, you can, without a doubt! Try it to believe it! How to do it: Follow the procedure to make a cat eye flick with your black eyeliner then all you have to do is, add a layer of either a metallic liner or another coloured eyeliner so that it’s visible. The contrast of black will seriously help make it stand out.

9. Go super bold and fabulous

9 eyeliner techniques A dramatic, heavy eyeliner look is perfect for a night out and when you really want your eyes to do the talking. It will make your eyes stand out and you don’t really need to put on a lot of makeup when you go bold on the eyes. How to do it: Apply your usual black eyeliner and extend it to a sleek wing and thicken it a bit. Now, starting from the tip of your flick, draw a curved diagonal line all the way to your inner corners and fill in this gap. Draw a bold line on your lower lashline starting from the middle and girls, you’re ready to rock the party! Practice it with a pencil liner first as it will be much easier to do, before moving on to liquid liners.

10. Puppy please?

10 eyeliner techniques This new eyeliner style is in trend these days and is great for making your eyes look bigger and rounder, kinda like a puppy dog! How to do it: Draw a thin line on your upper lashline with a black eyeliner, starting from the middle of your eyelid. Extend the line downwards when you reach the corner of the eyes and then curve it a bit upwards so that it meets your bottom lashline. Fill in the gap and you’re good to go! Watch the tutorial here. Go on and try these genius techniques to stand out from the crowd! Images: Shutterstock