9 Lingerie Commandments For Your *Special* Night With Him!

9 Lingerie Commandments For Your *Special* Night With Him!
While some women may find it very easy to flaunt their bodies in lingerie, for many of us it’s not that easy. If you’re excited about the special night with bae but are also not quite sure how to feel confident in lingerie, don’t worry! Here are some easy tips on how to dress up in lingerie for him and pull it off with SO much confidence!

1. The perfect size

1 how to feel confident in lingerie It’s tempting to buy a bra of a size bigger or smaller just because it’s so beautiful and you can't find your size! But compromising on size is probably the biggest mistake you could make. If you don’t buy the perfect size for yourself, no matter how beautiful the lingerie is, it’s never going to look as good as it should. Whereas, a simple bra in your size will look great on you just because it fits so well!

2. Choose a colour you feel confident in

We all have that one colour we love wearing! It could be your favourite colour or just a colour that makes you feel confident. Yes, that one should be the colour of the lingerie you decide to wear! And just in case that doesn't work out, black and maroon are fail-proof colours that suit everyone and innerwear is easily available in these colours.

3. Pick the right fabric

3 how to feel confident in lingerie Fabrics like silk and satin are synonymous with sexy and feel very soft against the skin. If you want to go for lacy lingerie, make sure the lace doesn’t feel too rough when it rubs against the skin. After all, you want to enjoy wearing the lingerie too, right?

4. Don’t compromise on quality

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s good quality. Make sure you invest in undergarments from known brands that assure good quality and durability. Bra straps of a bra made from good quality material are less likely to snap and break. If the quality is not as good, you won’t feel comfortable in it and that can make you feel conscious in front of him!

5. Wear a set!

5 how to feel confident in lingerie A matching bra and panty, what’s not to like? Wearing matching underwear feels far sexier than mismatched underwear. Not only does it look more appealing, it really makes women feel attractive and more desirable as well! Just look at yourself in the mirror when you try it and you'll know what we're talking about.

6. Cover up in style

Wraps, robes and chemises are a great way of spicing things up and adding a layer of sexiness. You can wear a robe over your lingerie to tease him or wear a chemise to create a sexy silhouette. Cover ups make you feel sexier while still covering a bit more than what your lingerie does and they surely do add an oomph factor to your look! Win-win!

7. Choose something for your body type

7 how to feel confident in lingerie Never, ever, buy something just because it’s the new definition of ‘sexy’ or because it’s the hottest new trend. Remember that everyone is not built the same way and something that looks uber sexy on someone may not necessarily look the same way on you! Choose something that flatters your body type instead. If you’re curvy, opt for a sexy corset to flaunt your curves. If you’re small chested, a padded babydoll is a great alternative to bring out the sexy in you!

8. Posture!

Not only does slouching make it seem like you lack confidence, it can also make you look a tad bit bulkier. Maintaining good posture will flatter your figure, make you look more attractive and you’ll definitely feel a lot sexier. Hold your chin up, chest out, back straight and you’re good to go!

9. Give your look a finishing touch!

9 how to feel confident in lingerie Last but not the least, give your look a finishing touch. Wear small dangling earrings, a cute pendant, a chunky bracelet or anything else that you like! You can also apply a little bit of makeup like an eyeliner or make time for a blow dry, maybe? Let’s admit it ladies, a good blow dry that makes our hair look voluminous and fall perfectly, boosts our confidence like nothing else. Don’t forget to splash some perfume or apply any other product that has a pleasant fragrance. Smelling like a dream will make you feel more confident and, of course, he’s going to love it too! *Wink* Don’t forget to smile and feel confident about yourself! You'll blow his mind, trust us! Images: Shutterstock