10 Surprising Reasons Guys Love Going Down On Girls!

10 Surprising Reasons Guys Love Going Down On Girls!
While oral sex is very much a part of the whole sexual experience, many of us find it...not so enjoyable. It’s not right or wrong, everyone has their own preferences. But have you ever wondered why your man actually likes going down on you? Yes? Well, then here are 10 reasons why guys love going down on girls - this is why he loves doing it to you!

1. It’s a sign of serious intimacy

The fact that he is ready to go down on you means he is really into you! For real, going down on women is as big a deal for guys as giving a blow job would be for us. So if he is up for it then you know he is ready to kick it up a notch in bed and otherwise.

2. He gets turned on too

Yeah, well, it helps that going down on a woman is a huge turn on for guys as well. Just the angle, the moment and the way he can make you feel is enough to get them up and running!

why guys love going down on girls

3. Also he simply likes to make you feel good

Of course he’s not all about himself. He wants you to feel good too. So he’s simply doing what he can to make that happen!

4. He loves your fingers in his hair

It is super sexy! Men love the feeling of your fingers in their hair, especially in the heat of the moment. Tug on his hair lightly and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts!

why guys love going down on girls

5. They’re curious!

There is the curiosity factor, of course. Men want to know what is up with this whole ‘going down’ business. What happens, how does it happen, what does it taste like…and, of course, how they can get better at it! They are wondering all these things!

6. It helps you connect sexually

He knows that going down on you is a huge step sexually. Forget about emotions for a second, even just as a physical act, it’s something that will give a new definition to your relationship. He can't possibly get closer to you than this, can he?

why guys love going down on girls

7. He hopes it brings you closer to having a dual climax

He wants both of you to climax together. It’s probably his secret fantasy since a long time now so this is just him trying to achieve it!

8. So that he can focus entirely on you

Believe it or not, guys know that women find it a little more difficult to achieve climax and they realize the importance of making you the sole focus for it. So when he is going down on you, he truly wants you and him to be on the same page.

why guys love going down on girls

9. The view is great!

Yup! The view from down there is ah-mazing. Boobs and that lost-in-pleasure expression… What more could a guy want?

10. They believe in sexual karma

Not that it’s his only reason for going down on you but he is expecting a little reciprocation in return. It’s up to you whether you want to or not but we’re just telling you that he clearly wants it!

why guys love going down on girls

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