#HeSays: 10 Things You Do With Your Boobs… That Drive Us Crazy!

#HeSays: 10 Things You Do With Your Boobs… That Drive Us Crazy!
Guys have loved boobs since Day 1. No, seriously, we don't remember a time we didn't adore them. And we especially love our girlfriends' boobs. But there are a few things girls do with their boobs that just drive us totally crazy...


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1. Jump on the bed

Or on the trampoline if one is available. Or anywhere really. The point is...well, your boobs. Moving up and down. With great momentum. Sigh!

2. Dress them up in lace

We might have a complicated relationship with your sexy lingerie (since you don't let us tear it off and that's all we want to do), but we can't deny that when you wear that lacy bra all we want to do is memorize that view forever and ever.

3. Or dress them down completely

Well, yeah. Boobs in all their glory - what's not to love about that? We'll even include those moments when you forego a bra and we can see a peek of them here and there, just because.

3 things girls do with their boobs

4. Tease them during sex

Or pinch them or squeeze them... Basically do anything with them! Wow. Like, if that doesn't drive us to the edge, nothing can!

5. Straddle us and shove them in our faces

We can't really describe this feeling, but it's pretty close to feeling like we're in heaven. Honestly. So warm and comfy!

6. Shimmy on the dance floor

Oh, how we hate and love it when you do this! While you're shimmying without even realizing what it's doing to us, we're just dying to fast forward time and be back in bed with you. And your boobs.

6 things girls do with their boobs

7. Wear those deep, deep necks

...in which we can see way more of your cleavage compared to your other clothes. We can sit and stare at you for ages! Even if we've seen you naked, there just something special about this.

8. Send us pictures with a hint of them

You might have meant for your boobs to be in the picture or you might not have been intending to tease us mercilessly… But you drive us a little crazy with these anyway. (What other reason do we have for being on Snapchat?!)

9. Get them all wet and soapy while you shower

We’d not thought the idea of you taking a shower could turn us on this much, but just imagining (after having actually watched!) you getting your boobs all wet and soapy is…enough. More than enough.

9 things girls do with their boobs

10. Push them up against us

And we mean any part of us, anywhere we are. We could even be waiting in line for a cup of coffee when you do it and our brains will start working in a completely different direction.

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