10 Genius Styling Tips To Make ANY Outfit Look Cooler!

10 Genius Styling Tips To Make ANY Outfit Look Cooler!
You don’t need to wear brand new clothes every day to look stylish. Sometimes, the tiniest tweaks can make ALL the difference! If you don’t want to spend a bomb to add a glamorous touch to your outfits, you’re at the right place. Here are 10 AMAZING styling tips to make every outfit look instantly cooler… without spending a penny! These hacks will make your life much easier!

1. Wear statement jewellery

A chunky necklace, stackable rings, or a statement bracelet will balance your look and attract a lot of attention for the right reasons. The right kind of jewellery can make any outfit stand out. You can wear a statement necklace with button down shirts and plain tees for an edgy look, and of course, pair them with your kurtis to nail the desi girl style!

2. Cuff your jeans

Wearing the same jeans every day might get a bit boring. Though there’s nothing wrong in wearing them the way they are, try cuffing your jeans to instantly glam up an outfit you’ve already worn so many times! Cuffing or rolling your jeans is also a great way to draw all the attention on your footwear.

Skinny jeans: The cuff should be kept small as it maintains the streamlined look of the denims. A half an inch wide cuff folded not more than two times should be sufficient to modify your look!

Baggy Jeans: Instead of cuffing, try rolling baggy denims. It’ll keep the casual look intact.

3. Add a scarf

Don’t you think a colourful scarf can boost your style game no matter what you’re wearing? There are so many ways of wearing that one scarf! You can wear it over your head as a bandana, around your waist as a fun belt or just tie it around your neck to amp up your outfit.

4. Knot it up!

We all have that one button down shirt in our wardrobe we’ve worn a million times. You can knot your shirt by unbuttoning the last three buttons, knotting the 2 corners and flaunting a teeny bit of your waist. It’ll give your outfit a funky feel and make it look so different from the usual shirt and jeans look. If you’re willing to experiment a little more, you can layer the outfit by wearing a bright tank underneath the shirt. We’re sure it’s going to look fab!

5. Cinch a shift dress

A loose-fitting, shift dress can sometimes make you look a few inches broader than you are. You don’t want that to happen, especially when you’ve been working out to get that hot bod! To take your basic shift dress from drab to fab in minutes, turn it inside out, take about 2 inches of cloth in the middle and tie it in a knot. Then turn your dress the right way out again and it’s ready to be worn! Tada!

6. Show your socks through your boots

Why wear your boots the same way over and over again? Showing scrunched socks through your boots makes your whole look so different and effortless. And guess what, it looks super cute too! The trick is to let about an inch or 2 of your socks show above your boots, not more or it can make your legs look shorter. You can always experiment with colours!

7. Wear a belt over the layers

Layers are a definite way to look fashionable. But sometimes when there are too many layers of clothing, your overall appearance can look rather bulky. Wearing a belt over your layers will not only make you look curvy it’ll also add some definition to your body and bring the whole look together. Go for a narrow belt in a neutral colour to make sure it doesn’t attract too much attention. Pop coloured belts will look better when your entire outfit has just one or two colours.

8. Try the top knot!

A well made messy bun is a sure way of adding some casual glam to your look. It also adds a few extra inches to your height! What a bonus! You can accessorise your bun by wearing a quirky clip or a chunky rubber band. It’ll add a cute look to your outfit!

9. Put on a casual blazer

It goes without saying that blazers can easily up your style game without any added efforts. Regardless of what you’re wearing, a casual blazer can make you look more polished. A neutral coloured blazer will be a good investment as it can be easily paired with anything you own. You can go for pop coloured blazers too, if you wish to add a dash of brightness to your ensemble.

10. Carry a statement bag

If your outfit is looking too plain, you can carry an unusual looking bag with it to add a pop of colour and fun to the outfit. Experiment with different colours, styles, or prints! An unconventional bag is a good investment for the days to come.

Images: Somya Suresh (Senior Writer & Copy Editor)