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11 Simple Rules All Stylish Women Live By!

11 Simple Rules All Stylish Women Live By!
Don’t we all know that one girl who’s always perfectly dressed no matter what? Well, let us tell you it’s not something that happens automatically. You have to make a little effort to look stylish every day but it’s nothing that you can’t master with a bit of practice. Here are 11 simple rules all stylish women swear by. Read on to look great and elicit style envy wherever you go!

1. Dress with intention

1 look stylish Clothes are a form of communication. Whether you want to or not, the way you dress always says something to those around you. So it’s best to dress with intention! Your clothes not only make you look well put together but they also tell people so much about the way you are. Distressed denims and sneakers let the world know that you believe in style combined with comfort, while a pretty dress and high heels are a proof that you like dressing to impress.

2. The right place to be trendy

Every stylish girl loves keeping up with the latest trends and also loves experimenting with new ones. You are free to try any trend you feel like, but there are right and wrong places to do the same. The office for instance isn’t the best place to try a dhoti saree, while a relative’s wedding function can be.  

3. Maintain your clothes with care

3 look stylish Everything you wear doesn’t need to go into the washing machine! Some fabrics are extra sensitive and need proper care. Most clothes come with washing instructions so read the label before you toss them for a wash or give them for dry cleaning accordingly. It’ll make your clothes last longer and look new and well maintained.

4. A great pair of jeans is a MUST have!

You really need a pair of good quality denim jeans in your closet that’ll last you for years and years! It’s absolutely fine to own a couple of less expensive denims as well. But jeans that’ll go with everything and make you feel great are staples you should invest in.

5. A flattering fit is essential

5 look stylish You could be wearing the most expensive and trendiest dress in the world. But if it doesn’t fit well, it just won’t look as flattering as it could’ve and all your effort and money will go to waste. You won’t ever see a stylish girl wearing anything that doesn’t have a flattering fit!

6. Outfit of the occasion!  

Remember that your outfits are a response to the occasion you’re attending. There’s a reason we dress in a certain way for work and in a completely different way for a trip to the mall. Your clothes define where you’re going and you should always dress to the nines for the occasion in question!  

7. Keep an eye on detail

7 look stylish The way you drape your dupatta or simply tuck in your shirt can make a lot of difference to your outfit! You don’t always need a wardrobe makeover to look stylish. Just paying attention to the tiny details and simple tweaks in the way you wear your clothes and accessories can make ALL the difference!

8. Take time to get ready

Put in extra effort when you’re dressing up. Be it office or a dinner date, you should try to look good at all times. Not to impress other people, but for yourself. Don’t get ready in a rush. You’ll feel more confident about yourself when you know you feel and look well put together!

9. Plan your outfits in advance

9 look stylish A fashionable girl almost always has a mental picture of her outfit much before the occasion. Take time to think about what you’re going to wear for the party next weekend. Whether it’s that 10 minute break you take from work or when you just can’t fall asleep at night, plan your outfits in advance. It’s going to make your life much easier than you think!

10. Have a signature style!

Trends will come and go but it’s very important to stay true to your style. Whether it’s the statement neckpiece you always wear or the fact that you love wearing juttis over plain white sneakers, you need to have that one thing that defines your style and sets you apart from the rest.

11. Dress according to the weather

11 look stylish Sure you love that mini skirt you bought last weekend, but the peak of winters might not be the best time to flaunt it! You can wear it with thick pantyhose and an overcoat to look appropriately dressed. The point is to dress for the weather. No matter what’s trending, wearing something that you’re not comfortable in, is not cool. Last but not the least, love yourself for who you are. There’s nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin! Images: Shutterstock