10 Subtle Ways *You* Can Initiate Sex In An Arranged Marriage!

10 Subtle Ways *You* Can Initiate Sex In An Arranged Marriage!
Sex in an arranged marriage… It just sounds like a super huge deal! And come to think of it, it really is. I mean, it’s not easy to marry an almost stranger and then get into bed with him. And ideally, you two should take your time. But what if the hubby is taking way too long? What if he’s just being conscious or is unsure of what you want. Well, maybe it’s time to take matters in your hands. And trust us, men actually do love it when the woman makes the first move. Read on to find out how you can initiate sex in an arranged marriage.

1. Set the mood right

Think about it. He comes back home to a dimly lit room, satin covers, soft romantic music in the background and incense candles on the bedside table. Not only does this send out a loud and clear message, it also makes for the perfect setting for the first time. It’ll be so hard for him to resist!

2. Pay attention to those clothes!

Slipping into your cotton pyjamas every other night and expecting him to make a move? If you want sex, you’ve got to ask for it…without actually asking! Dress up in sensual nightwear. If racy lingerie is not your thing, keep it subtle yet sexy in a satin nightdress or a cute pair of shorts and tank. A little body show is so essential to get things going in the bed!

2 sex in an arranged marriage

3. Indulge in phone flirting

While you still may not be able to talk freely face-to-face, texting makes the whole deal so much easier. Send him a flirty message or a dirty forward while he’s away at work. Keep up the sexting spree and by the time he’s back home, boy, he’ll be ready to turn up the heat in bed!

4. Stay close… Really close!

When you sit down to watch television or share your day’s routine over a cup of coffee, make sure that you reduce the distance between you two. Sit really close to him, lie down right next to him and touch him at every chance you get. The moment your distances decrease so will your wait for sex.

4 sex in an arranged marriage

5. Treat him to a massage

Let your hands work their magic. Pick a weekend and innocently ask him to remove this shirt for a much needed relaxing massage. Ask him to lie down on his stomach and gently start moving your hands up his back. Tease him a little by getting on top of him and running your hands as wild as your imagination. What happens after that is something we all know!

6. Try spooning!

So well, spooning is this sweet little sleeping position that can well, lead to greater things! When he turns to sleep on his side, gently lift your derriere up and curl into him. Basically, it's his front against your back and that makes for a highly desirable position. Don’t blame us if you feel him touching you at all the right places!

6 sex in an arranged marriage

7. The trick of temptation

Did you know that just looking at your undergarments lying around the bed can send his mind into a frenzy?! Especially if you’ve not yet had sex! Casually leave behind your racy red bra and satin panties on the bed. When you know he’s already had a good look at them, pick them up telling him that you’ve been trying to find these to wear! The thought of that lingerie on you is so going to mess up his mind and hormones!

8. A dinner for two, at home

Prepare a light dinner at home complete with dim lights, candles and wine. Dress up in your short black dress, high heels and work up a candid and intimate conversation while looking straight into his eyes. The sexiness of it all will only make him have you for dessert!

8 sex in an arranged marriage

9. Watch an erotic movie

Switch off those lights and treat yourselves to a movie night. Just make sure you rent an erotic movie like Original Sin or Dirty Dancing. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be extremely OTT. Trust us, those love making scenes and you by his side will only make him salivate for more.

10. Say it out loud

Loud and clear. Nothing’s sexier than a woman who is outspoken about her sexual needs. Just tell him that you’re ready for sex and he’ll be happy to oblige! If you can’t say it, how about a text that reads, ‘Waiting to make love to you tonight… Be home soon honey!’

10 sex in an arranged marriage

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