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10 Fashion Mistakes That Might Be Making You Look Older!

10 Fashion Mistakes That Might Be Making You Look Older!

Dear ladies, we all know how dressing up well can completely change the way we look. But no matter how hard we try, there are a few fashion mistakes we make, that never fail to add a few extra years to our otherwise youthful appearance. So, read on ladies, as we bring to you the 10 most common fashion mistakes that make you look older along with their fixes!

1. Ditch thick, oversized glasses

1 make you look older While nerdy glasses might be a style statement for some of you, but going overboard with them might make you look older than you really are. Thick glasses can magnify fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Fix It: Ditch the frames for contacts or invest in chic and classier frames that compliment your face structure.

2. Hemline is important

If you think covering up is the solution to looking thinner and younger, you’re mistaken. In fact, a skirt that grazes your ankles often ends up making you appear wider. You don’t have to opt for a longer hemline in order to look flattering, but in fact, just find the ‘right’ length! Fix It: Always make sure that your hemline is flattering your body shape. Investing a in midi or a knee length skirts and dresses. They make you look polished and attractive instantly!

3. Blingy accessories

3 make you look older Super blingy and chunky accessories are so passe! Those OTT accessories can be making you look dated girls, it’s time to give them away. Fix It: Invest in sleek, delicate statement jewellery rather than overly blingy or chunky accessories to look classy.

4. Bad fit is a no-no

It’s time that you do yourself a favour and throw away shapeless and ill-fitted clothes. They make your figure look unshapely and older than you really are. Instead, invest in well-fitted clothes and tailored pieces. They are timeless and will always look good. Fix It: Invest in tailored dresses and blazers and pay your darzi a visit to fix all the ill-fitting clothes that you love.

5. Ditch the dulls

5 make you look older We all love greys, blues and blacks but you must turn to brighter, prettier colours to add a dose of freshness to your style. Fill your wardrobe with reds, pastel pinks and oranges. Throw away those dark colours, they literally ‘dull’ your vibe. Fix It: Add pastels and bright colours to your wardrobe. If you love wearing greys and blacks, add a bright scarf and a pop of bright lipstick to balance the look.

6. Pay attention to your footwear

Trust us ladies, a good pair of shoes can totally transform your outfit. Also, pay attention to basic rules like not wearing socks with open footwear and always polishing your shoes before wearing them. Chunky heels and platforms add heaviness to your lower half, so if your calves are a problem area, ditch them. Also, nothing says old like kitten heels! Fix It: Invest in sleeker shoes, especially with a pointed toe. Ballet flats are also a good choice, they usually go with every outfit and make you look good.

7. Wrong sized bra is a blunder

7 make you look older Nothing makes you look older than droopy boobs. We suggest you go get fitted right away, especially if you haven’t done so in the last year. A bra that doesn’t fit you perfectly can make you look disproportionate. The right fit can make a huge difference to your overall appearance. Remember, you should be wearing your bra on the middle hook, if you’re not, it’s time to invest is some new ones. Fix It: Invest in different styles of lingerie to flatter every kind of dresses you own.

8. Not paying attention to the neckline

Believe it or not ladies, the neckline in an outfit matters a lot. You should always try clothes before buying, not just for the fit but also the neckline. Not every neckline looks good on everyone. Make sure you choose the one that looks best on you. Also remember, very high necklines that cover too much neck can make you look older than you are. Fix It: Give V-necks a chance as they usually are very feminine and flatter almost any body type.

9. Mismatching Silhouettes

9 make you look older Wearing styles that don’t go well together is the easiest way of adding years to your otherwise youthful appearance. The key rule is to wear proportionate clothes. Fix It: The trick is to balance out your silhouette.If you are going with a loose top, make sure to wear fitted pants and vice versa.

10. Wearing too much black

No doubt black has always been our saviour when we are stuck in a fashion rut, but having too much of it in an outfit can make fine lines and wrinkles stand out. So make sure you add a pop of colour to break the monotony. Fix It: Add a pop of colour with a bright bag or red lips to break the monotony. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jan 1, 2017
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