Time To Break Up… With These 10 Things!

Time To Break Up… With These 10 Things!
The only way to move on in life is to break up with things that hold you back… And mind you, breakups are not just limited to relationships - anything and everything that doesn’t add value to your life and pulls you down, belongs in the breakup trash can! There are a lot of big, small, silly things in life that hang like dead weight and stop us from being the best versions of ourselves... And it's high time to break up with them! Read on to know few such things every girl should break up with...right now!

1. Overthinking everything

Overthinking thrills but kills! It actually kills your ability to think straight. Yes, it is tempting but it does nothing apart from messing up with your brain and making you worry about problems that don’t even exist. So why not break away from this bad, bad habit right away?!

2. Ghost of the past

Nothing would ever come out of your habit of digging up the past. It’s over, it’s gone - move on! Yes, it’s going to be difficult but you need to train your brain to move on to better things.

2 things every girl should break up with

3. Tendency to argue

Some of us like to debate a bit too much and hence, find ourselves arguing over things that don’t even matter much! So why not calm down a bit and tame this tendency to argue?! Let's just agree to disagree sometimes?

4. Desire to be everyone’s favourite

Have you met those people who sugar-coat every word they utter? Just to please everyone around them? Yes, don’t be one of them! You don’t need everyone to like you - be kind to people, but also be honest. Not because you want to win their approval but because you ARE a good person!

4 things every girl should break up with

5. Toxic friendships

Yes, not all friendships are healthy for you and your well being. If there’s a friend who makes you feel bad about who you are or what you do - you need to ask that friend to buzz off as soon as possible. It might sound a bit harsh but it’s for your own good!

6. Feigning ignorance

Ignorance is bliss they say… Well, we don’t agree. Yes, it’s good to have a relaxed and carefree attitude towards things but if you sense a problem, identify and address it rather than being ignorant towards it.

6 things every girl should break up with

7. Obsession to look pretty always

Feel free to ditch those heels and that makeup kit whenever you like - break away from this obsession to look good at all times! You don’t owe looking a certain way to anyone but to your own self. Feel like dressing up? Go for it! Don’t feel like dressing up? DON’T.

8. Taking people for granted

Taking your loved ones for granted is possibly one of the biggest mistakes you’re making. Break up from your habit of treating them with any less love than they deserve. Treat them with affection and get all the love right back! Your people are precious, aren’t they?

8 things every girl should break up with

9. Being lazy about health matters

Health is something that needs constant attention and you can’t be negligent towards it for long. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to figure out a workout plan that suits you and your body type!

10. An unplanned life

No plans for the future? No specific goals or plans for life?? Not cool. It’s time for you to stop relying on luck and chances and take charge of your life. Plan your life, work hard and watch all the luck turning in your favour! Good luck!

10 things every girl should break up with

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