Uh-Oh! 10 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size!

Uh-Oh! 10 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size!
We spend so much time and effort deciding what to wear every day. But we take our lingerie for granted and blindly wear the same bras for years together! Yet, not all bras fit the same way. There are some bras we could wear with anything because they fit so well and there are a few we wear quite reluctantly. Even though you buy the same bra size every time you go shopping, the sizes and fit can differ a little from brand to brand and style to style. Plus, it’s common for our bra size to change without us even realising it. So here’s a list of 10 signs that you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size. Read on to know if it’s time to update your bra wardrobe!

1. Is the band riding up your back?

If the answer to that is yes, then you’re definitely wearing the wrong size. The band needs to fit firmly and horizontally on your back when you stand. If your bra band doesn’t fit evenly then try going up a band size (like from 32 to 34).

2. Your bra strap is giving you shoulder dents

2 wrong bra size

No don’t think it’s because of heavy boobs. Your bra straps simply aren’t able to provide you the support they should. Hence, the straps are digging into your skin and leaving dents. Try going for a smaller band to keep the straps firm and supportive!

3. The center of your bra doesn’t lie flat

The middle piece of your bra (between the cups) is supposed to lie flat on your chest. If it doesn’t, your cup size is too small. Try going up by a cup size. You can check if you’re wearing the right cup size by lifting your arm. You should be able to lift your arm over your head without the underwire getting lifted off your chest.

4. You wear your bra on the last hook

4 wrong bra size

You should ideally be wearing your bra in the middle hook. That way if it stretches over time you can use the last hook to tighten it. If you’re already wearing your bra on the last hook it means your bra is loose for you. Go down a band size to fix this issue!

5. You’re noticing back bulge

No, stop thinking your back is fat! If your back is bulging from your bra strap it’s probably because your bra is too tight. This happens when the band is too small for you.

6. Your straps keep falling down

6 wrong bra size

If your bra straps don’t stay in place, try tightening them a bit. If they still slip down, then your straps aren’t supportive enough. Try going down a band size so the straps are tight enough to stay in place.

7. The underwire of your bra pokes you

Ouch! We all hate it when this happens, don’t we? Do your boobs a favour and go up a cup size to keep the underwire from digging into your skin.

8. Spillover - from the top, side or bottom of the cup

8 wrong bra size

Are your boobs spilling out? It’s a definite sign to go up by a cup size, girls!

9. There’s a gap between the cups and your boobs

Looks like you need to upgrade your bra! If there is space between your cups and boobs, it means you’re wearing the incorrect size for sure. This usually happens when your bra is too big for you, particularly the cup size. In this case you’ll want to go down from a C to a B.

10. You have a case of the underboob when you raise your arm

10 wrong bra size

Uh-oh! This means your bra is too small. You should be able to raise your arm without any underboob jutting out of the bottom of your bra!

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