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If He Still Does These Romantic Things For You, He’s The One!

If He Still Does These Romantic Things For You, He’s The One!

No matter how modern we are in our day to day lives, there is nothing like old school romance sometimes. And while we're immersed in our fast paced world of internet conversations and mobile texting, we still are suckers for that gentleman who would go out of his way to make us feel like a lady. So if you find your guy doing even some of these things for you…know that he is the one!

1. He holds the door for you

Very cliché but if he does it, it also means he shows you respect and is being chivalrous. There aren’t many of his kind left – don't let him go!

2. Gets you flowers and chocolates

Amidst e-cards and forwards, we have long forgotten to smell the roses. And if he gets them for you, even if it's only once a year – he’s a darling for doing those little things to keep you happy!

3. He goes out of his way

Most of the time, he meets you someplace convenient – which makes sense. But sometimes, he goes out of his way to meet you wherever you are to save you the trouble! 3 he is the one

4. Takes you out for dinner

We don't mean the casual McDonald’s or food court date but a proper, cozy restaurant where he can look deep into your eyes, over the candle-light! Oh boy!

5. Keeps his cellphone away

And when he is on that special date with you – he puts his cell phone on silent so that you two aren’t disturbed. He treasures his time with you. Sigh!

6. Reads you a poem

Or lyrics of your favourite song just because he knows how special it is for you.
6 he is the one

7. Writes you letters

Just like the 1990s, he pens down things that he is too shy to say to you. He is the man who will give you butterflies in your stomach forever!

8. Kisses your hand

And your forehead too, in a soft, gentle way. Sigh, sigh!

9. Dresses up for you

He may be comfortable in his torn jeans and unwashed jacket but when he meets you after ages, he makes the effort to gel his hair and wear your favourite colour. 9 he is the one

10. Makes time for you daily

A long phone call and a few texts when he can't meet you for dinners or even coffee. But his day isn't complete without dedicating a part of it to just you!

11. Takes things slowly

Even by the time it's your tenth date, he isn’t just looking for ways to get into your pants… He wants more and he makes it clear. He is the one, girls! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Nov 28, 2016
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