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10 Sex Secrets No Magazine Will Ever Tell You!

10 Sex Secrets No Magazine Will Ever Tell You!

Sex is fun but you don't always know what's going to happen. Sometimes the movies make it out to be the most romantic situation but let's be honest, sometimes it's just two bodies smushed together. So if you want to find out some real sex secrets, read on!

1. The thing about queefing

Queefing is when your vagina decides to make funny noises right in the middle of sex. It isn't a big deal! It happens to most girls! And no, it's not the same thing as a fart.

2. Rolling over

You know how in the movies a couple rolls over and fluidly changes position? Yeah, that doesn't happen! Rolling off the bed? Yeah, okay that's more likely to happen!

3. The intense conversation

Gazing into each other's eyes wondering what the rest of your life holds for you isn't exactly what happens after sex... That dreamy conversation actually sounds a little bit more like, ‘do you think they do boxes of 30 nuggets too?’ 3 sex secrets

4. The sexy striptease

Wearing lingerie that you spent Rs 1,000 + on isn't worth it! It's going to come off in the first 10 seconds and it isn't going to look as sexy as you want it to - getting those stockings off just looks awkward after a point of time. Also read: 11 ‘First Time’ Sex Myths That NO Girl Should Believe!

5. It doesn't *just* happen!

Okay, sure, yes, sometimes it does. But sex is not the spontaneous activity movies and magazines lead us to believe it is! Sometime you have wait too long, sometimes you have to put way too much effort and sometimes it still doesn't happen.

6. Men aren't always horny

We know, right?! Shock! Horror! But it's true. The same way women aren't always horny either!
6 sex secrets

7. Lube is the underrated BFF

Lube isn't always necessary but it does make sex more slippery, wet and fun! You never know when you'll need it - so always keep it handy!

8. The longer the better?

Just because sex lasts a longer duration of time doesn't mean it's going to be the best sex. The best sex can actually happen in the five minutes before you leave for work too. Also read: 10 Slightly Awkward Things That Happen During First-Time Sex!

9. Things slip out!

Occasionally his penis will slip out and you will have to fumble about to put it back in! No big deal; it's like stalling in a car - just grab hold of that gear stick and keep going! 9 sex secrets

10. Sex isn't always hot!

Sometimes it's emotional, sad, funny, angry... The list goes on! Many times it's about feeling connected or letting out pent up frustration. And that isn't as sexy as it looks like in movies!
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Published on Nov 4, 2016
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