#MyStory: How He Said ‘I Love You’ Without Really Saying It

#MyStory: How He Said ‘I Love You’ Without Really Saying It
He and I used to work in the same department. He’d joined just six months before me, and on my first day my boss asked me to meet him to get a better idea and roughly learn about the nature of my work. Our first meeting was formal, short and almost cold, we met like strangers… But there was something we’d both noticed about each other.

We both experienced a liking for each other in the very first meeting, after which, I didn’t get a chance to meet him for a few days. My eyes were always searching for him and I used to find excuses to talk to him. It was the same from his end as well and we both looked for opportunities to see each other. With time, our formal conversations turned into long, late night WhatsApp chats and phone calls. Every night we used to chat and share our likes, dislikes and common interests. We used to share our thoughts about our common interests with each other and became very close friends in no time. We both knew that we liked each other but did not admit it because of our existing or past relationships.

We tried to discuss it many times, but could not express anything clearly as we were afraid to do so. Slowly, it started becoming difficult for us to remain just friends and we had a constant urge to express our love. We both used to feel restless and desired to be with each other always. We felt like holding each other’s hand and hugging each other as these were the only things we could do to show our love.

Internal heartfelt hug

So one day, without giving a second thought, I asked him to come to my house when I was alone. I sneaked him into my house. We loved spending time with each other and this was just the perfect opportunity. I wasn’t sure if it was right to call him like that, because technically, we were still ‘just friends’.

As we both were alone at my house, it was a little awkward for us. We were watching TV in my bedroom, and I kept the door open to keep everything casual. To lighten the mood, I made Maggi for both of us. We had Maggi and spoke about random stuff. But, every time we looked into each other’s eyes, we could see the urge to hug each other tightly and say how much we loved each other. We still kept resisting, thinking how the other one might feel and had all sorts of questions running in our minds.

He crossed my way twice to keep the dishes back or to drink water and I skipped a breath every time. In no time I realized that it was the right moment to express my love. I forgot everything, moved towards him and held him tightly. He kept holding me tight and pulled me closer to him, grabbing me by my waist. He asked me to hug him till I wanted to and I said that I want to hug him forever.

That was our first hug and it was magical. It was truly a magical, surreal, heartfelt hug I’d never experienced in my life before. Our hearts were beating very fast and that’s when I felt what pure love was. We then went to my room and he slowly kissed my lips. His touch on my body was magical and was filled with immense love. He stopped himself from moving ahead in emotions and said he wanted to leave. I was confused and with tears in my eyes I was thinking whether I should stop him or let him go.

That day was a turning point in our lives. After few days we confessed our love and made everything right eventually. It has been more than two years now, we are in a committed, happy relationship. Our families are also very happy for us. All that time when we kept pushing our feelings away, but it ultimately happened. It made me believe that no matter what, when the right person comes in your life, you get an indication which only your heart can understand. That’s how true love is...

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